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This season, the BCBG girl was a world traveler. “She sleeps in tents,” said lead hairstylist for Tresemmé Orlando Pita. Though the nomadic lifestyle won’t resonate with most, Pita’s main styling trick will. The bottom few inches of each model’s hair was tucked into a turtleneck or other layer. It was the look every long-haired woman gets when she hastily throws on a sweater and runs out the door. To achieve it, Pita used Tresemmé Perfectly (un)Done Sea Salt Spray to make the hair chunky, but he cautioned against generalized styling tips. “I tell everyone there isn’t one recipe for hair. We have girls with really tight curls. For them, we have to use Keratin Smooth,” said Pita, referring to Tresemmé’s straight-styling product line.

Val Garland created the makeup with the Temptu collection of airbrush shades. The skin was evened with Airpod Foundation and Temptu Color True Lipstick in Plush Plum was pressed into the lips. “The look is outdoorsy. It’s real with a bit of a bitten lip,” said Garland. “[Since] she’s a traveler, I don’t think she’d be having a full-on [look].” She defined the eye with Temptu S/B Concealer Wheel, using the bronze shade like a cream eye shadow.

Nails were matte nude. Miss Pop for OPI used Samoan Sand and covered it with the brand’s matte topcoat. “It looks like a soft cashmere sweater or that sand that you don’t want to put a towel down on,” said Miss Pop.

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