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Memphis, Art Deco Helped Inspire Dior Beauty

Five influences shaped the various beauty looks at Dior.

PARIS Five influences shaped the various beauty looks at Dior.

Pat McGrath created makeup featuring bright bands of color or sparkles over models’ eyes, and Orlando Pita crafted mostly voluminous coifs. The inspiration came from:

• Memphis: “For that, we’re doing very frizzy hair,” which was worked around geometric hats, such as a cube or a ball, for contrast, said Pita.

• Frank Gehry: “It’s very sculptural, architectural,” with frizzy hair going off to one side, explained Pita. McGrath called the look “metalized.”

• Art Deco: McGrath described this segment as “rebellious.” “We’re just putting a lot of extension in the hair and making it very young and girly, and again contrasting the sculptural lines of Art Deco,” said Pita.

• Pat Cleveland and Murano glass: “For that, we’re just doing big hair,” which should move and swish as models walked, noted Pita.

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• Paris’ La Palace nightclub: The Eighties were the inspiration (think Paloma Picasso and Bianca Jagger).  Models’ tresses were pinned up to almost chin-length and made wavy. Strands were then stuck on a model’s face “like if she’s dancing and she’s sweating – but it’s going to look beautiful,” said Pita.