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Backstage at Erin Fetherston Fall 2011

WWD goes backstage at the fall show.

Makeup artist Lucia Pica, working on behalf of MAC Cosmetics, created what she described as an “ethereal, otherworldly” look at Erin Fetherston Saturday evening.

Complexions were shiny and pale, thanks in part to a gray, taupe-y contour around the eyes, “But without strong definition. It’s all very soft,” she said of the effect.

The highlight of the fairy-like peepers was a smattering of glitter above and below the inner corner of the eye and below the outer corner, which some of the girls got and others didn’t.

“It’s to make them look dreamy, spacey,” said Pica, “just a sprinkle.” Concealer was used on the brows “to try to erase them as much as we can.” Powdery, pink-purple lips were accentuated by “a blossom, a flower,” loosely translated: an extra dash of pink in the middle of the lip. “It’s a spot of life,” said Pica.

A foundation was used on the face, topped by a highlighter, a smudge of which also went on bridges of noses.

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It was a crown of braids for the Fetherston girls. The hairstyle, created by Odile GIlbert, relied on one thick, braided hairpiece that was carried from ear to ear across the top of the forehead.

The romantic, crown-like look was begun by spraying the hairpieces straight with an assortment of TIGI sprays, including Catwalk, then braiding into the hairpieces metallic ropes. The natural hair got a few braids, too, and was separated into pieces so the big faux braid could be clipped, intertwined and upswept into the natural locks.