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Backstage at Giambattista Valli Couture Spring 2017

Val Garland and James Pecis fashioned the beauty look of the show.

“Giambattista just wanted the girls to look well-groomed and finished, sort of peachy perfect,” said makeup artist Val Garland backstage before the Giambattista Valli couture show. “It’s just about lovely, lovely skin.”

She used two main MAC Cosmetics products. One was the Prep + Prime Essential Oils Stick. “It’s just like a really nice balm that we’re using across the eyes to get that little bit of sheen,” she explained.

“I didn’t want a blush, I didn’t want like a sculpting color. I wanted something halfway in between,” continued Garland.

So she opted to use Cosmic Force. “I’m calling it a ‘flush,’ because it’s like a flesh blush. You barely see it,” Garland said. She added that a fresh beauty look worked well with the embellished clothes.

The aim for hair was that each of the models have the same texture of tresses.

“All of them have a nice, beautiful S-wave to the hair,” said hairstylist James Pecis. “It’s going to be kind of raked back with the fingers, using a light cream.”

Then a low ponytail was fashioned with no part showing. About 10 models were to sport white scarves across their heads. Then the rest had their hair set under knitted scarves, which were later removed — leaving just a slight marking — before show time.

“It’s an easy thing, but it’s a nice little detail because it sits a bit flatter,” he said, adding other products he used for the look included a spray mousse and hairspray.

“The character we are creating is like this independent, creative, traveling woman,” said Pecis.