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Grungy, Unstudied Beauty at Marni

Smudges of color were applied with the fingertips to create an edgy natural look.

MILAN — Makeup artist Tom Pecheux created a grungy, yet sensual look at Marni that forsake foundation and powder in lieu of smudged color applied with the fingertips.
“I wanted the girls to look edgy, and ensure their personalities came through on the runway,” said Pecheux. He applied dots of concealer layered on moisturizer as a glossy base.
Without using any brushes, MAC’s violet eye shadow in Bordeauxline was rubbed around the lash-line, before being gently smudged to achieve the desired level of grunge.
MAC lipstick in a purple hue called One Of A Kind was blended onto cheeks to recreate a fresh-looking flush. Model’s natural lip colors were erased with dabs of foundation before the same purple MAC lipstick was patted onto pouts to complete the magenta palette.
Hair followed a similarly downbeat theme. “There are no references, it’s not really a look, more a feeling,” said hairstylist Paul Hanlon. “I wanted the models to look as if they’d just arrived at a casting.”
Locks were teased into side partings, with the roots manipulated to add disheveled body. TIGI’s Bed Head Superstay Queen For A Day Thickening Spray was spritzed onto models that arrived with clean tresses to achieve a “three-day old look,” said Hanlon.