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Backstage at Rag & Bone Fall 2016

Gucci Westman for MAC and Paul Hanlon for Wella created an individualistic and natural beauty look.

Individualism was the key to the beauty look at Rag & Bone Monday night.

Makeup, by Gucci Westman for MAC, was meant to have models looking like the best versions of themselves. “We’re not cloning the girls,” Westman said. “We’re…really working with the individuality of the girls.” The color palette included warm colors, such as burnt orange, rose and taupe. Westman used a pink powder blush on the eye socket as eye shadow. She skipped mascara altogether and used brow liner in Fling, sometimes drawing in hairs to emphasize brows. “I want it to look like the girls just have super, super-exaggerated blue or green eyes,” she said. Lips were covered with lip liner in Spice, a pinkish-brown.

Paul Hanlon for Wella created a wide variety of hair looks, working with models’ natural texture. “It’s all so free, it’s all about the casted, very diverse girls,” Hanlon said. “It’s about an attitude of each of them as individuals.” His key styling product was Wella Professionals EIMI Ocean Spritz, which added texture to the hair. Curly-haired models had their edges cleaned up, and girls with straighter hair were sprayed with Ocean Spritz and given some waves with hair straighteners and curling irons. Other models received a dose of dry shampoo and had their hair double knotted, free from pins or hair ties. The dry shampoo helped the hair stay in place. For men, the key was not using too much product, Hanlon said.

Nails, by Julie Kandalec for Essie, were a forest green. Kandalec painted a base coat, one coat of Stylenomics and a shiny top coat to finish the look.

Westman, for SK-II, used the brand’s Facial Treatment Essence to prep the skin, followed by RNA Power moisturizer.