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Backstage at Tibi Spring 2017

Natural, effortless glamour was the beauty look at Tibi this season.

Despite the swarm of people running around, and the cacophony of snapping cameras, there was a cool vibe backstage at Tibi, which was in line with the beauty look.

Showing its staying power, the “no makeup makeup” look was clearly present with minimal products used. Cassandra Garcia, who led makeup for Bobbi Brown, wanted to keep models looking fresh by adding a bronze, dusty finish to their eyelids and skin. “The look is a really beautiful bronze monochromatic look,” she said. “We always do some version of taupe, this time it’s just a different placement.” Garcia, who sees taupe as a popular shade for spring, applied a Taupe Cream Shadow Stick to the eyes, stopping right at the crease to make the color appear natural. She also added bronzer on the cheeks to create soft, hazy definition without adding any contourlike sculpting.

Frank Rizzieri, who led hair for Aveda, gave models a low ponytail that was fastened with individual hair ties corresponding to the garments. “It’s a really modern take on old glamour,” he said. “The girls are looking really clean with center parts that are slightly off center.” To create the ponytail, hair was straightened and prepped with an Aveda Thickening Tonic and Split End Repair to add texture.

In tune with the collection’s nod to the Edwardian era, nails were painted in five different colors to show the opposing forces of order and chaos. “We wanted to show more of a subtle chaos,” said Jin Soon Choi, who led nails for JinSoon. “We used muted tones for a utilitarian [look], like more functional and practical.” The five colors consisted of a bright orange, pastel pink, turquoise, gray and a toffee brown. The models’ nails were painted in the color that corresponded to the look they were in.