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Backstage at Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2016

WWD went backstage at the designer's fall show.

Backstage at the Park Avenue Armory, the beauty look at Tommy Hilfiger’s nautical-themed fall show was, as is typical for the designer’s aesthetic, fresh-faced and natural.

Pat McGrath, the lead makeup artist working with Cover Girl products, was full of energy for a Monday morning as she Snapchatted Gigi Hadid dancing in her makeup seat and schmoozed with press milling about backstage. “I’ll explain on Gigi!” McGrath said enthusiastically, spinning her star subject around in her chair. “We did a little bit of cream shadow on the eyelids [and] a little bit of gold glitter, [then] blush and burgundy lipstick on the lips wiped off — we wanted a slight healthy stain,” said McGrath. “Then highlighter, brows groomed, skin flawless and amazing mascara — and that’s it.” Cheeks were also slightly contoured — key for snapping selfies. Like the mood backstage, the look was light and easygoing.

Eugene Souleiman led the hair look, an effortless ponytail secured at the nape of the neck with a special hair tie called a Topsy Tail, which adds volume and allows for a strand of hair to be wrapped around the style, thus disguising the ponytail holder. “We just popped the hair in there, so there’s a beautiful roll of detail in the back,” said Souleiman. He instructed the models to arrive at the show with clean, freshly washed and dried hair, and said he did not use any particular products when styling each girl’s hair. “It’s healthy textured hair [with] a little softness [and] a little imperfection,” said Souleiman. “It’s kind of effortless, like it should be for Tommy.” The catwalk at the designer’s show is so big, he said, that he wanted the girls to feel “wanted to see those delicate flyaways and cute ends moving.” He wanted the models to feel, he said, “fresh, alive and pretty.”