Taking place in the Meatpacking District’s Gilded Lily club, Baja East’s presentation looked to creating a rocker look that wasn’t too done up.

“We just felt that the casting is very diverse and it’s all about individuality and the girls themselves,” said James Kaliardos, who keyed makeup for MAC Cosmetics, as he created the look on model Coco Rocha. “Everyone is getting a rock and roll look, but we established these different looks based on the personality of the girl.” Kaliardos created three looks for the show: a smudgy black eyeliner, a red lip and a defined, masculine eyebrow. For the eyeliner, Kaliardos looked to Debbie Harry to create a rocker look. He first thinly drew out the eyeliner along the lash line, then smudged it on the inner lines and corners. A bit of mascara was also applied using a thin wand to enhance the smudged look. The other two looks were kept simple with a red hue painted on the lips and a bit of black color applied to the brow look to make it masculine. Both the eyeliner and brow looks were also seen on the male models.

A large variety of looks was seen for hair, ranging from wet slicked back styles to bright teal dye jobs. “I’m kind of winging it as I go along. I’m trying to get the designers’ vision and make the girls feel right,” said Guido Palau, who led hair for Redken, on the plethora of looks he created. “[The models] are all going to a party, but I didn’t want to play into the classic party hair because I don’t really feel like that’s relevant.” The looks, which mainly played up natural texture, were created with the help of a range of products such as gels, hairsprays and drying products. The teal colored hair seen on a few models was influenced by the collection and created with the help of Redken artists.

Nails took the party look to the next level with six different styles including metallic colors and fringe. “It’s going to be a party and presentation, so I wanted to have fun with [the nails],” said Naomi Yasuda, who led nails for Voesh. “The metallic will look nice in the dark and the fringe moves, so it’ll be fun.” While the simpler looks consisted of a silver and gold chrome nail, the embellished nails were painted into a striped black and gold metallic pattern with the Baja East logo embossed on top and two different teal and pink nails with beaded fringe hanging off the tips. The hands and feet were first prepped with Voesh’s collagen gloves and socks.

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