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Backstage Beauty: Blumarine Fall 2017

A gorgeous, sun-kissed woman at Blumarine was the inspiration.

A beautiful “babylicious Barbie” inspired the beauty look at Blumarine backstage. It was all about a woman on holiday in California, enjoying a day in the sun, or “a young girl, fresh and sun-kissed,” said makeup artist Val Garland speaking backstage.

Attention was focused on the eye with a golden glow on the lids. A special mixture of lip gloss and a gold reflection was used on the eyelid to give a kind of lovely shine. A green pencil was smoothed on the waterline.

Eyebrows were just brushed up and filled in a little bit when necessary, so that they could look like “gorgeous and super, lovely natural eyebrows,” Garland said.

A gold flush highlighted the cheekbones. Garland used Cosmic Force blush by Mac Cosmetics, then popped the center with an apricot-like big pencil to obtain “a nicely flushed look.”

Aiming at a very fresh skin, makeup artist used Next to Nothing foundation in a natural hue, depending on the models’ skin. Nails and lips were kept natural, too.

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“Gorgeousness”  inspired Tina Outen for her hairstylisting at Blumarine as well. “The girls’ clothes are fabulous and exclusive, so we wanted them to be glamorous with a modern feeling today,” explained Outen, who used different L’Oréal products.

The girls’ hair loosely tumbled and bounced on the catwalk in a bouncing shiny movement. Hair extensions were applied when needed to give a consistent look to the models.