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Backstage Beauty: Etro Fall 2017

The beauty look at Etro takes you on a journey to the Himalayas.

Makeup artist Mark Carrasquillo created Etro’s fall beauty look thinking of a strong woman who loves traveling. “A very fresh-faced girl who is trekking to the Himalayas or is on holidays and has bronzy cheeks and forehead,”  Carrasquillo explained.

A very easy and touchable girl with no constructive makeup. Her skin is “glorious, glowy and shiny,” added the makeup artist. Using MAC Cosmetics, a brown metallic pencil was applied to line the upper lid while lashes carried brown mascara on the very end of the lash, only on the end of the eye to lift it up. “And then it’s a clean brushed up brows,” which had to appear very luminous, Carrasquillo said. A little bit of eye gloss was finger-dabbed. Shine Mixing Medium was used on the eyelids for a wet effect.

Following the image of an athletic girl who’s just a little bit bronzy, mineralize concealer was pressed in any areas that needed coverage. Refined Golden Bronzing Powder was blended over the cheekbones to warm skin and later cheeks were given a flush look.

Lips were kept natural, lip conditioner was just pressed into the lip to create a moist natural lip. No fancy nails were used, Carrasquillo preferred a kind of “sans manicure” style.

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A real woman with natural hair inspired hairstylist James Pecis as well. “We are taking a trip at a high-altitude psychedelic music festival,” Pecis explained backstage.

Every girl was completely different to make sure that each model had the best natural hair texture. That meant they could have little flyaways with soft curls. “The main product we used was water,” said Pecis, because it has the power to reactivate the hair, and then it was combined with hair mousse.