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Backstage at Blumarine Fall 2016

“We wanted a very mysterious mood, so the look is a little bit dark,” said makeup artist Tom Pecheux.

“The hair is slightly referential to the classic Helmut Newton image of two women under the rain — one with very feminine, sexy hair, and the other with very strict, graphic, masculine hair,” said hairstylist Duffy. He melded the two styles, creating a “tight silhouette” with a marcel wave in the front and texture in the back.

Hair was sectioned off from the crown to the ears, with a very heavy side parting. The marcel wave was formed with fingers and set with L’Oréal Spray Mousse. In the back, hair was split into three to four sections, each rope twisted and dried, and afterward brushed through. Two barrettes, sprayed with matte car paint in the natural hair color, were popped into the left and right front part to secure the hair.

“We wanted a very mysterious mood, so the look is a little bit dark in a way, inspired by boudoir movie stars,” said makeup artist Tom Pecheux. Using MAC Cosmetics, he brushed Studio Waterweight Foundation onto the skin and corrected with the Pro Concealer Palette where needed. Tight and Tawny Studio Quik Trik Stik was used to lightly contour the cheeks and set highlights, followed by Prep and Prime Transparent Powder. For a smoky eye, Pecheux mixed Join My League and Bowl Out shadows together and lightly dabbed Tauped Eye Gloss and Spoiled Fabulous Lipstick all over the eye.

Keri Blair painted nails with two coats of mink-colored Rack ‘Em Up Nail Laquer, which will debut in fall, topped with an Overlaquer. “In the bottle it looks a bit off, but when you put it on the hands, it works on every skin tone. And with the collection it complements every single color,” she said.

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