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Teaming with close friend Georgie Greville, cofounder and creative director of Milk Makeup, the look at Mara Hoffman focused on each model’s unique beauty.

“It’s not just us supporting each other as women in a message we both believe in,” Greville said backstage on why Milk Makeup sponsored the makeup for Hoffman’s show. “It’s me really supporting Mara and standing up for something as a person and as a brand.” Both brands worked together to evoke a sense of equality and self expression with two beauty looks created and Hoffman casting a diverse range of models, including her first transgender model.

While both looks emphasized the skin, the first look worked with darker brown hues by pairing a brown lip with matte bronzer and highlighter. The other look focused on a deep maroon colored matte lip paired with a glossy eyelid. Both styles looked to a Nineties inspiration made for the modern, independent woman.

Hair also played up natural texture by leaving some models’ hair as is and others having their styles enhanced. “Everyone is individual, so it’s all about diversity and a natural vibe for all girls,” said Joseph DiMaggio, who keyed hair for Davines. “We’re picking and creating a natural wave, so they all look kind of on the same vein, but cohesive at the same time.”

For girls with straight hair, DiMaggio first prepped the hair and then using his hands wrapped strands in a figure-eight pattern, securing them in place with a clip. After the entire head was twisted into these loops, DiMaggio left the hair to set for a few minutes, sprayed the hair with hairspray and let out the loose textured waves.

Nails also reflected this expression of individuality with 12 different colors available as options. “This look is completely celebrating individuality, celebrating women and celebrating strength,” said Naomi Gonzalez, who keyed nails for Zoya. “It’s important to express ourselves and women express themselves with color.” Each model had their nails painted in one color that matched their clothing. The colors included dark earthy shades, like green, gray and brown, and lighter, perky hues, like hot pink and indigo.

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