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Taking inspiration from the 1940 film, “The Philadelphia Story,” makeup and hair at Tory Burch was soft and romantic.

“We are really just doing a gorgeous, luminous face. It’s really soft and dewy,” said Diane Kendal, who keyed makeup for MAC Cosmetics. She created a natural look for the models, but added color where needed to make the face more fresh and romantic. Kendal started off by prepping and moisturizing the face to even out skin tone, then used a combination of a gray and brown eye shadow from the MAC Trend Forecast Fall 2017 Eye palette over the eyelids. She applied the gray color across the eyelids, then went over with the brown hue on the contour lines and underneath the eye and blended the colors at the corners. A black cream eyeliner was then used close to the lash line. To finish the look, Kendal used a pinkish hue and a bit of highlighter on the apple of the cheeks for a splash of color and radiance.

Hair also alluded to the inspiration by giving models a low ponytail secured with a velvet ribbon. “A very low kind of shape gives it a nod to a romantic woman. There’s something nonchalantly chic about it,” said Guido Palau, who led hair for Redken. “There’s something effortlessly chic about the Tory Burch girl, so even though there’s a reference to a Forties’ movie, the girls don’t look very Forties, it’s timeless.” Palau created the look first by working with clean hair in order to have a light, fresh texture. The hair was parted in the center then pulled back into a low ponytail that was held together by an asymmetrical, velvet ribbon. Hairspray was used to tame any obvious flyaways.

Nails, which were led by Kim D’Amato for Priti NYC, were painted in a sheer pink hue called Pearl Drift.

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