NEW YORK — Bain de Soleil is targeting its latest product, SPF + Color, to consumers who want protection and a tan.

Although the market has a few sunless tanners with low SPF levels, SPF + Color is the first sunless tanner to offer SPF 30, making sun protection the priority and a tan the bonus.

“SPF + Color is primarily targeted to people who are looking for SPF protection but who also want to get a tan,” said Ted Keegan, research and development manager for Bain de Soleil, a division of Procter & Gamble.

The waterproof sunscreen comes in three SPF levels — 8, 15 and 30. Keegan said he expects the 15 to be the bestseller, following recent market trends. Bain de Soleil included the SPF 8 product in an attempt to lure sun-worshippers who have yet to accept sunscreen.

P&G executives declined to discuss volume projections for the product, but industry sources estimated it would do $5 million to $6 million at retail in its first year.

A P&G spokeswoman said the advertising campaign will consist of women’s magazines, beginning with April issues, and possibly TV. Sources estimated SPF + Color’s print ad budget would total about $500,000.

SPF + Color is scheduled to be in drug stores, supermarkets and mass merchandisers by the end of this month. Packaged in 4-oz. bottles, the product has a suggested retail price of $7.20 for the SPF 8 and 15 versions and $8.25 for the SPF 30.