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Inside the Incubator Creating Beauty Brands With Influencers

Beaubble, which launched in 2018, is rebranding to continue its focus on creating community-driven brands with some of today’s biggest influencers.

Beauty brand incubator Beaubble has worked with some major influencers since the company launched in 2018, including model Elsa Hosk, influencers Abbie Herbert, Teni Panosian and others. 

Through all of its influencer partnerships, Beaubble has increasingly put community at the forefront of brand creation, onboarding its influencers with a group of Beaubble’s customers and followers who give their input on everything from formulation, marketing, packaging and more. 

This emphasis on community is what’s influenced the four-year-old incubator to introduce a rebrand on Tuesday.

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“Community is at the core of everything that we do, from picking the design choices to picking the formula to even sometimes picking out who we want to partner with next,” said HeeKyeong Seo, cofounder of Beaubble. “Our initial branding was just done by the few founding members. It didn’t involve Beaubble’s community because when we did the Beaubble branding then, we didn’t have a community. It was just us. And now that we have a solid community, we thought we needed a brand that represents our community, just like how we do all things Beaubble with our community. We wanted to reestablish the brand from the ground up alongside our community.” 

With the rebrand, Beaubble is also launching a new membership program, that allows customers who are part of Beaubble’s community to purchase products before launch and at lower prices, gives them incentives for writing reviews, plus other perks. 

A Beaubble community meeting.

Beaubble also has plans to expand its scope of business and recruit more microinfluencers to create new brands. The company looks at many different factors when recruiting influencers, from qualitative criteria like what kind of content the influencer produces, their interest in beauty and their audiences’ demographic, as well as quantitative data like social reach. Beaubble’s current roster of influencers all range in the millions of followers, but the company plans to expand its reach.

“We want to give a voice to everyone or as many people as we can,” said Jun Young Lim, cofounder of Beaubble. “That’s why the bar, if anything, is coming down, like the total social reach we’re looking for is coming down. We are trying our best as a start-up and a platform to enable more creators and communities to launch their own beauty brands.” 

Beaubble generally creates brands in 15 weeks from start to finish, and plans to continue at that pace. Occasionally, some brands take a bit longer to launch depending on what kinds of products are being created. 

The company also works on a drop model — customers preorder products so that Beaubble doesn’t end up with overstock. 

Beaubble’s first brand launch came in 2020 with Panosian’s Monday Born skin care brand. The founders said that line has experienced consistent growth since launch, and the brands created with Hosk and influencer Ellie Thumann that launched last fall are also seeing growth. 

Overall, Beaubble is seeing its revenue double year-over-year, and is predicting the same level of growth, if not triple, for 2023, according to Lim. The founder also stated the company is also gearing up to reveal brands created with two new influencers after the rebrand.