CARROLLTON, Tex. — BeautiControl Cosmetics has overhauled its SkinLogics treatment line.

This week, the direct sales company began shipping a repackaged and reformulated version of the line, which now includes botanical extracts such as cucumber and chamomile and over-the-counter strengths of drugs such as hydrocortisone and benzalkonium chloride.

Although BeautiControl executives wouldn’t talk numbers, industry insiders projected $22 million in volume for the revamped SkinLogics this year, a 38 percent jump over 1993’s $16 million.

SkinLogics, originally launched in 1989 as a maintenance regimen, was redesigned in response to customers’ requests for a botanical-based line, the company said, as well as the desire to add a medicinal edge to the brand.

“We expect that the introduction will change our product mix so that skin care will move from 35 percent to 40 percent of [total] sales,” said Richard Heath, president and chief executive officer at BeautiControl.

BeautiControl reportedly is projecting sales of $75 million next year, with $30 million in treatment.

As a comparison, the company reportedly posted sales of about $64 million for the fiscal year ending Dec. 1, 1993, with about $22 million generated by treatment.

The botanicals in SkinLogics are meant to boost the efficacy of the active ingredients, according to Ed Huckfeldt, director of product marketing at BeautiControl.

“The molecular structure of botanicals is compatible with that found in humans,” he said. “So it is quickly and easily absorbed to deliver natural benefits.”

The 14-item SkinLogics line will be priced from $11.50 to $25, the same as the previous line. The products are designed to exfoliate, cleanse, tone or moisturize.

The new taupe-colored packaging bears the line, “Science as Nature Intended — We Have a Cure for Your Condition.”

BeautiControl reportedly will spend over $3.5 million to herald the launch, including direct mail advertising and videos.

A cornerstone of the new line is Corticure Comfort Lotion with Chamomile. The four-ounce elixir, which retails for $25, is formulated with 0.25 percent hydrocortisone. Corticure is billed as a remedy for relieving itching and skin irritations.