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Beauty Barrage Builds Buzz for Revolve’s Holiday Pop-up

Beauty brands and retailers find benefits in seeking a third-party to help staff up for events and launches.

Revolve’s first beauty pop-up store attracted long lines of consumers hungry for beauty knowledge and products from the moment it opened earlier this month. Shoppers were eager to learn from superinfluencers such as Marianna Hewitt, makeup artists including Patrick Ta and product creators headlined by Jamie Sherrill of Nurse Jamie. Today, Chrissy Tiegen and Jen Atkin pop in for extra star power.

But once inside, sales were also driven by a team of experts handpicked for the online retailer by Beauty Barrage, a beauty consulting group. “Our people that are working there are microinfluencers with their own following and postings of their work,” said Sonia Summers, chief executive officer of Beauty Barrage. “They are all serious makeup artists.” When hiring for events of this type, Summers said they zero in on licensed hair and makeup artists, as well as skin experts.

The knowledge of the in-store staff helped generate big volume for the temporary Revolve beauty space that was closes on Dec. 22. The online apparel retailer is keen on beauty with the number of items stocked expanding from 42 to 175 brands in the last year. “Beauty has quickly become a powerful category for us and we’re investing substantially into building that offering and experience our customer craves from Revolve, said Michael Mente, co-ceo and founder of Revolve.

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Revolve's Beauty Pop-up Engaged Customers With
Beauty Barrage job fair to gear up for Revolve.

In particular Beauty Barrage’s team was instrumental in boosting interest in the Build-a-Box station where customers selected from more than 100 products and received a 20 percent discount.

Revolve is just one of the companies, both brands and retailers, seeking the knowledge of Beauty Barrage’s team to help elevate the experience in physical stores. Ulta Beauty has seen sales of the InStyler tool soar thanks to in-store support from Beauty Barrage.

Dr. Brandt also relies on Beauty Barrage’s team to build awareness at Sephora. “The first time we used Beauty Barrage was during a three-week test in our New York market. During this test, we saw high-double-digit growth that continued well after the test period ended,” said Holly Bashor, vice president of sales and education at Dr. Brandt. “We are currently working with Beauty Barrage to help fuel top doors in Canada and are experiencing the same results.”

Beyond staffing up, Summers said more companies are also teaming with Beauty Barrage for their sales forces, as well. “Even the big beauty companies with big budgets are looking to us,” she said. Instead of hiring a team of 20 people to fly across the country to spend a portion of their time at each retail locations, major beauty firms outsource that function to Beauty Barrage. “We have [more than] 300 boots on the ground on the retail floor educating staff or selling and doing demos for customers,” said Summers, who added that nets savings in travel costs while also boosting in store volume.