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Beauty Beat: Mazzolari’s Formula: Diversify and Expand … Self Honors Beauty’s Healthiest … Oriflame Earnings Rise 22 Percent

Mazzolari’s Formula: Diversify and Expand
MILAN — Mazzolari is taking a holistic approach to beauty.

To help keep its sales momentum going, the five-door Italian perfumery’s executives continuously tweak...

Mazzolari’s Formula: Diversify and Expand
MILAN — Mazzolari is taking a holistic approach to beauty.

To help keep its sales momentum going, the five-door Italian perfumery’s executives continuously tweak and diversify their retail concept. The idea is to make their customers’ shopping experience as diverse and alluring as possible.

These days, executives at Mazzolari, based here, keep concentrating on where new stores will be opened, management, and product mix, said Augusto Mazzolari, the owner of the chain.

“Other people only carry basic lines, but we’re trying to have more,” he continued, citing as an example Mazzolari’s wide range of fancy bar soaps, which are sold in their own mini department.

“We choose products based on what we think consumers like,” said Antonella Mandelli, general manager of Mazzolari.

Last November, Mazzolari added a beauty institute to the upstairs of its flagship perfumery in Milan, which features eight treatment rooms whose masseurs use — among other products — a selection of Mazzolari’s high-end private label lines. Such a hands-on approach is key to building an even closer rapport with clients and further bolster the retailer’s image as a prime skin care seller, believes Mazzolari, who noted treatment rings up about half of his perfumery’s overall sales.

Last December, Mazzolari opened the doors of a gift shop, which is attached to its Milan flagship via a staircase. “We always want to give better service,” said Mandelli.

The retailer is also adding to its chain of 18 Olympia Beauty stores, found within supermarkets and boasting a treatment room for free, mini services, such as a mask or scrub. The intent is for customers to get to know product lines better.

A new Olympia location is due to be opened in Bologna, Italy, next month, and a second Milan door is scheduled before summer. Ten new perfumeries are expected to be opened per year, said Mazzolari. The Olympia shop locations vary in size from 670 to 1,300 square feet. He said an average basket at Olympia totals 49 euros, or $64.20 at current exchange rates.

According to sources, Olympia Beauty doors generate about as much as a typical Mazzolari store, or at least 1.6 million euros, or $2.1 million, in sales per year.

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Mazzolari insists, “Small perfumeries will remain selective” and must maintain a close relationship with their consumers. “They trust us, and that translates into sales.”
— Jennifer Weil, with contributions from Stephanie Epiro

Self Honors Beauty’s Healthiest
NEW YORK — No woman in her right mind — beauty junkies included — would invest the finances or patience needed to test the thousands of new beauty products that hit the drugstores and department stores last year. To weed through the clutter, Self Magazine recruited 1,200 readers to test more than 1,000 new beauty products for its sixth annual Healthy Beauty Awards. The testers whittled the list down to 79 “Best of” winners — shampooing, styling and applying along the way. Judging criteria included packaging, product benefits, scent, texture and ease of use.

Revlon took Best Tinted Moisturizer honors with Age Defying Light Makeup with Botafirm; Bobbi Brown’s Pot Rouge was awarded Best Blush; American Beauty’s Beauty Boost Overnight Radiance Cream was recognized as Best Night Cream; L’Oréal Hi-Light Styliste was lauded as Best Highlighting Kit, while Shiseido’s Refreshing Sun Protection Spray SPF 16 earned Best Sunscreen. With the onslaught of do-it-yourself derm treatments in the marketplace, a new category emerged this year: Best M.D.-Style At-Home Treatment. Neutrogena Advanced Solutions MicroDermabrasion System nabbed the prize there. All of the winners, ranging in price from $2 to $220, are featured in Self’s May issue, which hit newsstands Tuesday.
— Molly Prior

Oriflame Earnings Rise 22 Percent
COPENHAGEN — Swedish direct seller Oriflame Tuesday reported better-than-expected profits for its first quarter amid sales growth in central and eastern Europe.

The company, whose sales force grew by 4 percent in the quarter to 1.64 million representatives, reported sales of 181.6 million euros, or $241 million at average exchange rates, up 4 percent from 175.1 million euros in the same period last year. Sales growth of 6 percent in the Central Europe and Mediterranean region, and 5 percent growth in the former Soviet Union drove most of the top-line growth, the company said.

Net profits rose 22 percent to 24.3 million euros, or $32.2 million, from 19.8 million euros in the year-earlier period.
— Poul Funder Larsen