HAMBURG — Jette Joop has gone back to her jewelry-designer roots for her newest scent, Dark Sapphire.

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The scent, which is Joop’s third, is set to hit shelves today across Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands and some Eastern European countries, as well as travel retail.

Dark Sapphire will be flanked a month later by the designer’s new jewelry collection, called Forever, at the German jewelry chain Christ — and accompanied by a joint marketing strategy for the fragrance and jewelry lines.

Promotional emphasis is to be on point-of-sale activities, including fragrance fountains and spray samples, said Steffen Seifarth, Lancaster’s general manager, at a press launch here. Activities also are planned to tie in the Forever jewelry range, which features large silver and dark blue crystals.

“We are putting the fragrance in the windows of Christ,” said Seifarth. “The national launch will go to full selective distribution at once [to 2,500 selective doors]. Germany will be dark blue in March.”

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Activities for customers also will include a game in which they can win a piece of the Forever jewelry, while Joop herself will be touring stores across Germany and at least one city in Switzerland.

The scent, created by Jacques Huclier of Givaudan, is described as an oriental fruity gourmet. It has Italian mandarin and morning dew top notes; a heart of heliotrope, rose and gingerbread, and base notes of white amber, diamond musk and a touch of sandalwood.

“It is emotional, as a woman, finding the piece of jewelry that you love,” said Joop, adding that the scent “is very fresh at first and then very sexy at the end.”

Sales of the perfume are expected to reach roughly $20 million in the first year, on par with Jette by Night, the designer’s second scent.

A 30-ml. version of Dark Sapphire will be priced at about 28 euros, or $42.94 at current exchange; a 50-ml. size will be priced at 38 euros, or $58.27, and a 75-ml. bottle will retail for 48 euros, or $73.61. A body lotion, shower gel and deodorant spray, which will accompany the scent, are all priced at 15.50 euros, or $23.77, for 150-ml. bottles.

Joop stars in visuals for the scent, shot by Peter Lindbergh in Berlin. She also designed the bottle, which has a square sapphire blue top, silver collar and what she describes as architectural influences. Joop’s JJ logo is cut into the bottom of the bottle.

Joop’s scents have done well in Germany, where she is known not only as the daughter of designer Wolfgang Joop, but as a designer and celebrity in her own right.

Seifarth said, “She has matched our expectations. As a brand, [Joop] is clearly in the top 15 in Germany, which, coming from zero, is something most other brands do not manage to do.”

But her fragrances also have established themselves in other European countries as well as parts of the Middle East, noted executives, who are interested to see if Dark Sapphire might become popular in Asia.

“Which parts of Asia where it might take depends on the juice,” said Stefanie Fitzgerald, vice president of marketing at Coty Prestige. “Asia goes for lighter juices generally. This starts fresh, but gets sensual and deep later.”