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Beauty Influencer Ethan Is Supreme Dies at Age 17

He had more than a half-million Instagram and 139,000 YouTube followers.

U.S. beauty blogger Ethan Peters (aka Ethan Is Supreme) has died at the age of 17.

Peters’ official cause of death has not yet been made public, but influencer Ava Louise tweeted about his struggles with addiction.

“2 percs killed my best friend. Ethan was well liked and well respected in the beauty industry. About a year ago he turned to drugs due to the pressure of being famous online at such a young age,” she wrote on Sunday.

Peters, who lived in Houston, Tex., had 544,000 Instagram followers and 139,000 YouTube followers.

The sometimes controversial beauty blogger, who had been accused of being transphobic and racist in the past, was known for dramatic and gory makeup looks.

“Rest in peace ethan @trashqueenthan you were so incredibly talented at such a young age,” tweeted makeup artist Manny MUA. “I know he’s made many mistakes…but to say he deserved to pass away is horrible and inhuman (sic).”

Jeffree Star said in a video: “Yesterday the makeup community lost someone: Ethan Is Supreme. Regardless of someone’s history or past, regardless of that I had to check out of Twitter yesterday because there were people reveling and enjoying someone passing away and I just had to turn off my phone.”

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Peters also had his own fashion line called Hellboy.