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5 Beauty Brands Launching Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

Despite the extreme challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic, some new brands are braving the challenge.

The coronavirus has caused business within the beauty industry to dry up for freelancers, salons and spas. Still, some brands are hoping to create business in the midst of the pandemic. Here, five brave labels.

Dalegerard, a luxury fragrance brand by Barneys New York and Calvin Klein creative design alum Dale Rozmiarek. Courtesy of Dalegerard

Available at The Conservatory. Prices range from $20 for 5 ml. to $250 for 100 ml.

Barneys New York and Calvin Klein creative design alum Dale Rozmiarek’s new venture is Dalegerard, a luxury fragrance collection. The collection’s three scents — Vocation, Discernment and Mannered — launched on April 1 with The Conservatory online and will launch in the boutique store when it reopens, the date of which is yet to be determined. Throughout the first release, dubbed Dgr01, are variations of patchouli and cedarwood blended with notes of neroli, sandalwood, white musk and organic cyprus, comprising a line of gender-neutral scents meant to be worn separately or layered together. Rozmiarek worked with perfumer Pascal Gaurin of International Flavors and Fragrances on the debut collection. Asked why he chose to bring Dalegerard to market now, Rozmiarek said, “It’s only about now. For me, there’s no other moment. The coronavirus has thus far presented little to no interference with his launch plans — save for The Conservatory. The bottles, he said, were being decorated at a factory in Pennsylvania last week and, as luck would have it, made it onto the last truck leaving the factory before it closed. “It was meant to be,” said Rozmiarek.

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Project Woo Dr. Woo hand soap
Woo’s Daily Gentle Soap is being sold with all of the net profits going to charity. Courtesy of WOO

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Available on Prices range from $15 to $25.

Los Angeles bonafide tattoo celebrity Dr. Woo made his reputation via his clientele, including Justin Bieber and Zoë Kravitz. This year, Woo is launching his latest venture, a skin-care line named Woo, previously set to launch this month. After a quick pivot following the challenges presented by COVID-19, he has made available his first product, the five-ingredient Daily Gentle Soap, to purchase at three different price points. All of the net profits from sales are going to Baby 2 Baby, which is providing necessities to children and families affected by COVID-19. As his products are mostly focused on tattoo aftercare, Woo saw an unconventional use for his line. “The soap itself is perfect for the situation at hand, the lathers break up the fats around the protein of the virus,” he said. “At home, I have two young boys. I keep telling them to wash their hands, and we have something that can help spread the message. We want to keep pushing for more donations and keep the ball rolling.”

hair oil treatment fable & mane sephora
Fable & Mane’s hero product is their HoliRoots Treatment Oil, available for $34 at Sephora and on their web site. Courtesy of Fable & Mane

Fable & Mane
Available at Sephora and on Prices range from $29 to $34.

Hair-care brand Fable & Mane centered their line on bringing Ayurvedic medicine home, so a housebound consumer base presented a unique opportunity to launch. After releasing their four-piece line on Sephora last month, the brand is launching their own e-commerce site this week. The product lineup includes a hair mask, shampoo, conditioner and the brand’s hero product, their HoliRoots treatment oil, featuring castor oil and ashwagandha. As explained via the brand’s social media content, there is a massage ritual component for applying the treatment oil. Akash Mehta, the brand’s cofounder, personally uses it in conjunction with his at-home meditation practice. “It’s something I used to do growing up, and we created this product to remind us of our grandma, who passed away,” he said. “It’s inspired by bringing the ancient Indian traditions, which are all in the home. It’s not about a business, it’s about a way of life. The world is still moving, and that was the most important part.”

Bota Body Lotion
Calming and Nourishing All Day Body Lotion, $35, by Bota. Courtesy of Bota

Available at Ulta and on Prices range from $15 to $35.

Bota is the third brand from Balanced Health Botanicals, a Denver-based company that did more than $60 million in sales in 2019. Bota soft-launched an exclusive product offering with Ulta in October, making its way into 400 doors. On April 2, it went live with its own direct-to-consumer platform offering its debut range of creams and lotions, all of which are plant-based and CBD-enhanced. “There’s a need in skin care for products that are gentle on your skin, but effective,” said Ellese Symons, vice president of marketing at Balanced Health Botanicals and CBDistillery. Bota, said Symons, had always planned to launch in April. “If anything, we’re finding right now that people are turning to natural ingredients,” she said. “We understand that people are budget-conscious right now, they’re looking to purchase the necessities. We’re excited about the fact that we’re launching this line of plant-based skin care that people can feel comfortable using in their everyday routine.”

Wldkat's four-piece skin-care line launches on April 20.
Wldkat’s four-piece skin-care line launches on April 20. Courtesy of WLDKAT

Available on on April 20. Prices range from $18 to $29.

The mind behind California-based Wldkat, Amy Zunzunegui, began her second life as a skin-care brand founder last June, in the wake of her longtime career as the senior vice president of product development and packaging at Urban Decay. Now, she’s combining her sustainable, vegan, cruelty-free products with broad-spectrum CBD, and is prepping for her brand launch on April 20. Supply chain issues due to the coronavirus meant launching four sku’s instead of six on the brand’s web site, including a pH-balanced patchouli and cherimoya cleanser alongside a ginger kombucha tonic (read: essence). Focused on offering a prestige product geared towards inclusivity, (“Founded by womxn for womxn,” reads the web site), Zunzunegui’s other two products, a moisturizer and spray, also couple CBD’s anti-inflammatory benefits with active botanicals. “This isn’t not going to work,” Zunzunegui said of launching in the middle of the pandemic. “I asked a friend if this feels shallow, if the world needs bigger and better things right now. But I want this brand to bring a smile to people’s faces, and a little lightheartedness.”