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In 2019, Beauty Feuds Were Popular on Reddit, Too

Vlogger drama drove an 87 percent increase in subscribers within Reddit's beauty community, according to the platform.

YouTube wasn’t the only social media platform ruled by influencer drama this year.

Reddit released its 2019 Year in Review report, breaking down the most popular communities and topics in categories such as beauty/style, food, family/parenting, fitness/wellness, entertainment, sports, current events and gaming. Within beauty and style specifically, a couple of trends emerged this year: the popularity of beauty blogger feuds and the emergence of skin care as self care.

According to the report, subscribers in the top 50 beauty and style communities on Reddit increased by 63 percent and 52 percent, respectively, year-over-year. Beauty blogger feuds drove a year-over-year subscriber increase of 87 percent to Beauty Guru Chatter, a popular Reddit community that discusses the goings-on of beauty vloggers. Reddit’s most popular beauty community of 2019 was Skincare Addiction, which surpassed 1 million subscribers.

The top beauty communities were, in order: r/skincareaddiction, r/beautyguruchatter, r/makeupaddiction, r/curlyhair and r/popping. The top makeup-specific communities were, in order: r/makeupaddiction, r/muacjdiscussion, r/muacirclejerk, r/makeupexchange and r/panporn.

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Hauls, highlighter, bangs, collagen and glossy were the most-discussed beauty trends. In skin care, conversations about acne and aging proved most popular.

Cerave was the most-discussed beauty brand, followed by Neutrogena, Clinique, Glossier and Cetaphil.

Overall, Reddit’s monthly active user count grew by 30 percent since October 2019, according to the report. The platform now boasts 430 million monthly active users, 199 million posts, 1.7 billion comments and 32 billion upvotes.

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