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Beauty Firms Making Merry at Holiday Parties

Companies are ready to celebrate this year’s stellar sales. Here, some holiday party plans.

Beauty companies are ready to celebrate this year’s stellar sales. Here, some holiday party plans.

CHANTECAILLE: We’re celebrating at the new hot spot L’Apicio (13 East 1st Street), where we’ll have a fun night of cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, and exchange gifts. —OLIVIA CHANTECAILLE

BLISSWORLD: Celebrating the holidays is always a big deal for us. Sure, in the past we’ve had a few missteps. In 2004, we had the infamous Lawn Darts holiday party, and things went horribly awry. In 2006, the Paint Ball holiday party didn’t fare well either. In 2009, as a cost-savings initiative, we found out where Estée Lauder had their holiday party and simply crashed it. Of course, it backfired when we were stopped at the door because none of us owned nice suits or dresses. We wound up at the Burger King across the street. In 2010, inspired by Adam Sandler’s “Hanukkah Song,” I played guitar and serenaded the company. Last year, we went back to our spa roots and had a holiday waxing party! Wow, the things you learn about your employees!!! This year…bowling! —MIKE INDURSKY

REVLON: I look forward to bringing our people together for an evening of great music, delicious food and a well-deserved glass of bubbly—or a pint of Guinness, in my case. —ALAN T. ENNIS

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ELIZABETH ARDEN: We’re hosting our annual festive healthy luncheon, where we recognize employees with significant years of service. This year, we’ve asked employees who are interested in giving their holiday gift card to Hurricane Sandy Relief efforts as part of our charitable focus, and are matching all donations. —E. SCOTT BEATTIE

• NEST FRAGRANCES: We’re going to ABC Kitchen for an amazing feast! We’ll start the evening off with a Sour Cherry Old-Fashioned with Maker’s Mark and sour cherries, and then we’ll open up our holiday gifts. Two years ago, everybody got a new iPad when they were really hot, and last year everybody got a brand-new pair of Jimmy Choo shoes. Everybody screamed! I can’t wait for this year’s unveiling, but I can’t ruin the surprise! —LAURA SLATKIN