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LONDON — Eisenberg Paris, the Monaco-based luxury beauty brand, is entering the U.K. market for the first time with an exclusive launch at Urban Retreat, Harrods’ beauty and hair salon.

Harrods and Urban Retreat were in line with the brand’s luxury positioning, given the salon’s focus on offering an exclusive experience to customers and their expertise on luxury treatments using premium products.

“Harrods Urban Retreat is the ultimate luxury beauty destination in London and one of the biggest salons in the world, so it was a natural choice for us to launch Eisenberg Paris with them. This collaboration will allow us to benefit from their expertise in the beauty spa treatments and will combine the talent of their therapists with our products,” said Edmond Eisenberg, who runs the independent beauty label with his father.

The brand offers extensive men’s and women’s ranges which span fragrance, makeup, skin and body care. It plans to launch both ranges in their entirety in order to address all of the different needs of a customer.

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“Our strategy for the launch is to introduce the full range, as each of our products has its own purpose and targeted action so the full range will be launched to respond to the specific needs of each customer,” added Eisenberg.

Eisenberg also said that the variety in the brand’s offer means that different customers respond to different products but its skin-care range particularly stands out. It’s known for combining natural ingredients with a high-tech, patented formula developed by José Eisenberg on the basis of his 15-year research on the antiaging effects of bio-cosmetic molecules. The resulting Trio-Molecular Formula on which every skin-care product by the brand is based combines the skin-care benefits of three molecules: enzyme which eliminates dead cells, cytokine which prompts cell renewal and biostimulins which are sourced from the fresh tissue of young beech shoots and stimulate cell oxygenation.

Eisenberg singled out the brand’s Essential Moisturising Balm, its Firming Remodeling Mask which focuses on antiaging benefits and the Youth Elixir, a gel that eliminates signs of fatigue with a formula that blends green tea extracts with advanced technological science, as the hero products.

Among its fragrance range named L’Art du Parfum, J’Ose — which mixes notes such as lemon, armoise and mint with coffe-mocha and jasmine, has been the leading scent since its launch in 2000.

In addition to the interesting mix of ingredients, the brand’s fragrances also stand out for their inherently Parisian branding which comes in the form of illustrations or black-and-white photographs printed on the bottles and packaging.

“L’Art du Parfum is an exclusive concept and a bohemian, Parisian-spirited universe imagined by José Eisenberg, where perfume and art are closely intertwined,” added Eisenberg.

The brand has a wide reach on social platforms, with a following of over 13 million on Facebook and has long been established in markets such as France, Russia and China. Eisenberg said that the company is confident they can produce similar results in the U.K. despite the current volatile economic situation following the European Union referendum.

“The U.K. market is a trendsetter market with sophisticated and demanding customers, always looking for quality and innovation. We believe that the U.K. customer will understand our difference and embrace our values of blending the best in nature and science,” said Eisenberg. “No one knows for certain what the effects of Brexit will be on the U.K. market and also on the rest of Europe but we are positive for the United Kingdom’s economic prospects and we think that growth will continue over the next few years regardless of Brexit.”

Skin-care products range from 50 euros or $61 to 110 euros or $135 and the foundation from its makeup range prized at 79 euros or $97.

Reena Hammer, managing director at Urban Retreat said that the brand’s well-rounded range and attention to detail both when it comes to its branding and formulations will appeal to the salon’s luxury customer.

“I discovered Eisenberg Paris in Monaco some years back and could see its potential within the beauty market. Since then it has been on my hit list and one to watch. What I love about the brand is how it strives for perfection from its formulation through to its packaging; José [Eisenberg’s] passion and attention to detail is at the heart of the brand,” said Hammer.

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