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Beauty Leaders Set Their Intentions

When it comes to 2021, is there anyone who isn’t planning for better days ahead? Here, New Year’s resolutions from some of beauty’s most forward-looking leaders.

“My New Year’s resolution is to bring joy, whether it is in MAC and the creative we bring to market, ways that I can help develop talent or things I can do to make someone’s day. This year will be all about everyday gifts, generosity and positivity. While 2020 was a hard year, it taught us a lot about how we treat ourselves and each other. To me, joy is the ultimate uniter.”

— Drew Elliott, senior vice president, global creative director, MAC Cosmetics

“I usually have the same New Year’s resolution every year, which is to say ‘no’ more, but since this has been a year of ‘no’s,’ that won’t work. One of the blessings of all this time at home is that I was able to commit to a more regular meditation. My resolution is to continue that into 2021 — even when life gets busier.” —Cindy Crawford, founder, Meaningful Beauty

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“In 2021, I want to stop being so hard on myself, cook for myself more and go on my phone less.” — Emma Chamberlain, global brand ambassador and creative director, Bad Habit

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“My New Year’s resolution is to be gentle with myself. Becoming a mom for the first time in the middle of a pandemic, while growing our platform and our brand, is challenging. Giving myself opportunities for proper rest and self-care will allow me to be stronger physically and mentally. It will also allow me to think creatively when approaching new challenges.” — Charlotte Cho, cofounder of Soko Glam and Then I Met You

“For 2021, I’ve decided to make a conscious effort to create plenty of room for the people that support who I want to be, from a business and personal perspective. It’s a reminder to edit the energy around me and invest in relationships that promote positivity. And, chocolate. I think I should definitely eat more chocolate.” — Kendra Kolb Butler, founder and CEO, Alpyn Beauty

“Choose wellness. This has always been a personal value of mine and for my company [Walker & Company Brands]. If we’re not taking care of ourselves or our families, then we’re not taking care of the business.” —Tristan Walker, founder and CEO, Walker & Co. Brands

“2020 was filled with the unexpected, and it certainly wasn’t easy. My focus for 2021 is to go into it with limited expectations. It’s been a journey learning how to approach life this way, but I’m working on adjusting my outlook, setting realistic goals and starting to accept change and to go with the flow a lot more than I used to.” — Huda Kattan, founder, Huda Beauty

“My New Year’s resolution is to use the knowledge I’ve learned from the beauty industry to expand and diversify my business portfolio. I am dedicated to not only growing myself as a thought leader, but to help grow female-led small businesses.” — Courtney Adeleye, founder, The Mane Choice and Olbali

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