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Beauty Lovers Flock to Bobbi Brown, Bumble and bumble Sample Sale

Organized by 260 Sample Sale, the weeklong event has customers in a frenzy over skin care, hair care and color cosmetics that are up to 70 percent off.

Beauty junkies never miss a sample sale, especially when it includes two sought after brands: Bobbi Brown and Bumble and bumble.

Organized by 260 Sample Sale, the event offers a wide variety of Bobbi Brown color cosmetics, including face, eye and lip products, skin care and fragrance, as well as styling products from Bumble and bumble. The products are up to 70 percent off the retail price.

“I love Bobbi Brown, but their stuff can be expensive, so this is a really great deal,” said Naomi Cohen as she was picking up a foundation and concealer. “[The sales associates] are really helpful because you can’t actually see what you’re trying and you don’t know if [the product] matches exactly, so they tell you what to get and what will work.”

Despite being early afternoon on Wednesday, the sale was packed with customers, both local and from abroad, partially in thanks to the sale restocking products earlier that morning.

“It’s a good thing that everything is selling out quickly, but it’s sad when someone comes in for one particular item and we don’t have it anymore,” said Laney Roberson, merchandiser at 260 Sample Sale. “People check their e-mails and they know when to come in and grab everything. Some people have two baskets in their hands, it’s crazy.”

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Over by the Bumble and bumble products, customers were intrigued by the instruction guides placed by the different styling products.

“It if takes away frizz, I’m buying it,” said Jeanette Gonzalez, who originally came to the sale to pick up some makeup. “I just want to be able to wash my hair and go, so hopefully these products will mask the frizz.”

At the crowded foundation and concealer tables, Cassandra Ocampo was on the lookout for something perfect for summer.

“I really like Bobbi Brown products because they’re great for natural looks,” she said. “For the summer I want something clean and that gives a glow, so I’m picking up a concealer, light foundation and some highlighters.”

The sample sale is open at 260 Fifth Avenue until May 28.