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Beauty Pie Makes Foray Into Supplements

The direct-to-consumer platform partnered with nutritionist Kay Ali to launch its first range of ingestible, targeting common health concerns among women.

LONDON — The direct-to-consumer brand Beauty Pie is broadening its reach to the health category.

This week the brand, which specializes in offering monthly subscribers accessibly priced luxury skin care and cosmetics, is unveiling its first range of nutritional supplements, formulated with one of the U.K.’s leading nutritionists, Kay Ali.

Apart from the appealing price points, the company is making some ambitious claims for its debut range — and has the data to back them up.

The products are free from fillers, GMOs and are focused on targeting some of the most common health issues and deficiencies among women, rather than addressing surface-level concerns.

The aim is to help customers reach optimal health and promote the age-old mantra that beauty starts from within.

“The obvious way to launch the category would be to stick to the wellness market and create products that are specific for your skin or hair. But we wanted to create a category that props your overall well-being, because for us there is no greater beauty than health, as cliché as that sounds,” said Ali.

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She said it’s is the first time she can bring her level of expertise to the broader market.

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“A lot of the supplements that I work with are for practitioners only, and there’s a huge discrepancy in terms of what’s available on the high street,” added Ali. None of it comes cheap: She said the regular cost of a client’s routine can be up to 300 pounds for five supplements.

By contrast, Beauty Pie supplements will be priced from 9.81 pounds for Vitamin D, to 22.39 pounds for a collagen powder. Typical market prices tend to range from 40 pounds to 100 pounds, respectively, for the same products.

The first capsule consists of five products including a multivitamin and mineral formula dubbed Perfect Daily; Vitamin D for the most common nutrient deficiency among people in the U.K. and U.S., and an Omega-3 supplement.

The range also includes a probiotic called Super Gut, and a collagen powder — best known for benefiting skin elasticity.

The Perfect Daily, ‘Like Sun’ vitamin D supplement and collagen powder have just launched this week, while the rest of the collection will drop on the site in January.

“There’s actually very little data that demonstrates that collagen supplements work for beauty,” said Ali, adding that to formulate Beauty Pie’s Super Collagen powder, she studied one of the few clinical trials available, sourced the same marine collagen used in the trial, and delivered it at the right dose.


Beauty Pie introduces supplements

Myth-basting and education is a big part of Ali’s mission.

“Unless someone spots [the false information] and files a complaint, it’s pretty much an unregulated market. There is a lot of misconception,” she said, pointing to issues like mega-dosing.

As consumers become more health-conscious and look to improve their immunity during the pandemic, the ingestible market is set to double by 2024, according to Ali.

Beauty Pie founder Marcia Kilgore said the biggest opportunity with the launch is continuing to serve the company’s extensive members community, which has shown increased interest in ingestibles.

Beauty Pie introduces supplements

“We’re kind of an open source platform, so we like to involve all our members. We blew the roof off when we asked about supplements on Instagram and Facebook,” said Kilgore.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, the company has seen an increased rate of members joining the Beauty Pie platform, with products like candles, nail varnish and anything body-care-related continuously selling out.

Kilgore said she’s stayed true to her community-first approach, even toning down marketing efforts, at times, to ensure that Beauty Pie can prioritize existing members’ demands.

She said she plans on adopting a similar strategy with the launch of the company’s health category: “I have always thought that everybody is an influencer. First, we rely on our members loving what we launch, and then telling other people, because that’s the best marketing.”

New and more targeted supplements are already in the works.

“The more things that people can buy from us the better. If you look at a place like Costco, you walk in and there are hundreds of types of products. We would eventually like to do the same thing, but for a luxury beauty,” added Kilgore.