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Beauty’s Eight Biggest Podcasts

Eight of the biggest podcasts in beauty, from Brooke DeVard's Naked Beauty to Jessica Matlin and Jennifer Sullivan's Fat Mascara.

Beauty is aiming to touch all the senses.

With see, smell and touch covered, beauty is moving on to hearing, with a new crop of podcasts meant to bring beauty information to the masses. These shows aim to tackle everything from product and lifestyle recommendations to celebrity interviews and insider information.

Here, see some of the highest-ranked beauty podcasts, informed by data from Apple podcasts and Backtracks.


Forever 35 podcast
Forever 35 podcast courtesy of Forever 35


Friends Doree Shafrir and Kate Spencer explore all aspects of self care in their podcast, Forever35. Topics span traditional beauty, including discussions on eye cream and retinol, to chats on avoiding diet culture, shopping at Target, and sleep.


Fool Coverage Podcast Manny MUA Laura Lee
Fool Coverage, a podcast by influencers Manny MUA and Laura Lee. courtesy of Fool Coverage

Fool Coverage

Major beauty influencers Manny MUA and Laura Lee host Fool Coverage, where they talk about pop culture, beauty and drama — including in the YouTube creator community.

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Molly Sims Lipstick on the Rim Podcast
Model Molly Sims hosts Lipstick on the Rim. courtesy of Lipstick on the Rim

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Lipstick on the Rim

Hosted by model Molly Sims, Lipstick on the Rim covers just about everything — wine, food, beauty product recommendations, pilates and well-being. Guests include former Vogue Beauty editor Jenna Rennert, makeup artist Joey Maalouf and Violet Grey founder Cassandra Grey.

Life with Marianna Hewitt podcast
Marianna Hewitt hosts the Life With Marianna podcast. courtesy of Marianna Hewitt

Life With Marianna

Lifestyle influencer and beauty entrepreneur Marianna Hewitt talks readers through a wide variety of topics, from meditation and intention setting, to interviews with experts on gut health, Instagram and investments. New episodes of Life With Marianna are out weekly.

Fat Mascara Podcast, Jennifer Sullivan, Jessica Matlin
Jennifer Sullivan and Jessica Matlin host Fat Mascara, a beauty podcast. Alexi Lubomirski

Fat Mascara 

One of beauty’s original podcasts, Fat Mascara, is hosted by beauty editors Jessica Matlin and Jennifer Sullivan. The duo break down beauty industry news and tackle major celebrity interviews — including Tracee Ellis Ross, Kim Kardashian West, Victoria Beckham and Huda Kattan.

Gloss Angeles podcast
The Gloss Angeles podcast is hosted by two West Coast beauty editors. courtesy of Gloss Angeles

Gloss Angeles

Expect information on all kinds of beauty treatments, from plastic surgery to chemical peels, as well as interviews with big names in beauty, including Mario Dedivanovic, Nyakio Grieco and Jen Atkin. Gloss Angeles is hosted by two West Coast beauty writers, Kirbie Johnson and Sara Tan.

Breaking Beauty podcast
Breaking Beauty’s podcast reaches beyond borders — it’s recorded in Canada, but most of the listeners are in the U.S. courtesy of Breaking Beauty

Breaking Beauty

Carlene Higgins and Jill Dunn, two Canadian beauty editors, host Breaking Beauty. On the show, they talk listeners through expensive and affordable product picks, including the best barrier creams, best budget beauty products and best new indie beauty brands.

Naked Beauty Podcast Brooke DeVard
Brooke DeVard hosts the Naked Beauty podcast. courtesy of Naked Beauty

Naked Beauty

Brooke DeVard’s podcast, Naked Beauty, focuses on unfiltered discussions about beauty and self care. Over the past five years, Naked Beauty has delved into generational beauty secrets, the stories of beauty brand founders and DIY beauty ideas.