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Beauty Radar Screen: February 3, 2011

Fusion Beauty introduces Veripur, a new personal care brand claiming to provide consumers with four hours of virtual germ invincibility.

Fusion Beauty, known primarily as a prestige cosmetics company, will branch out into the health and beauty aides aisles of Walgreens this month with Veripur, a new personal care brand claiming to provide consumers with four hours of virtual germ invincibility.


The alcohol-free sanitizer promises to kill 99.9 percent of germs on contact, and provide additional protection over time.


“Alcohol is very drying — it strips off your hydrolipidic film, so you are actually less protected than you were before,” said Caroline Pieper-Vogt, chief executive officer of parent Fusion Brands Inc.


Veripur’s key ingredient is a patented Safety Derm molecule, comprised of a hospital-grade germ-killing ingredient, benzethonium chloride, encapsulated within a white wax crystalline structure, allowing it to stay suspended on the skin’s surface. Also included in Veripur’s formulation are moisturizing agents, avocado jojoba and grape seed oil.


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“It’s an invisible protection that continues to kill germs each time they come on to the skin within four hours,” said Greg Black, vice president of sales and marketing.


“Our mission is not to limit ourselves to only the prestige area,” said Pieper-Vogt. “We want to take our technologies and adapt them to a broader perspective.”


Veripur, which is priced at $5.99 for a 3-oz. tube and $10 for a 13-oz. pump, will be available exclusively at Walgreens’ 7,400 stores through the fourth quarter of this year.


Part of the Veripur launch campaign will include an educational program for consumers, in which Walgreens’ 28,000 on-floor beauty representatives will be leveraged to share the brand’s message about the unknowns of alcohol-based hand sanitizers.


The brand will also run an infomercial to help “generate and build awareness.”


For Pieper-Vogt, who said the brand has conducted almost 15 clinical tests on Veripur, solid scientific results were crucial to the launch.


“We’ve already spent almost half a [million dollars] in testing — and we’re not done yet,” said Pieper-Vogt. “We only want to launch products that are completely new and utterly needed — they have to reinvent a routine or create a new opportunity, a new way of living.”


Industry sources estimate Veripur could generate between $20 million and $25 million in first-year retail sales.