Swiss perfumer Andy Tauer, a favorite of the fragrance blogosphere, aspires to vault his niche namesake brand to the next level with new packaging and a new eau de parfum called Orange Star.

Tauer visited Los Angeles recently for the exclusive U.S. launch of Orange Star online at and in brick-and-mortar at the site’s affiliated shop Scent Bar, where the fragrance is priced at $120 for a 50-ml. bottle. It’s his first release with the revamped packaging — a deep blue, pentagon-shaped flacon topped with a black wooden cube and silver pentagon-shaped box accented with stylized versions of Tauer’s signature — created with the Zurich firm Designer’s Club.

Tauer described both the new packaging, which is being rolled out across the line with the exception of the fragrance Une Rose Chyprée, and Orange Star as departures for six-year-old Tauer Perfumes. The packaging is cohesive and makes the Tauer label obvious, while retaining a throwback sensibility that speaks to what Tauer explained is his retro approach to fragrance that emphasizes scent morphing on the skin throughout the day.

“There’s a Tauer before and a Tauer after,” he said, referring to the change from the old to the new packaging. “The person is the same. The fragrances are the same, but the way the brand is perceived is different. Suddenly, I’m in a different category. There is still a little bit of a hippie who has a hobby to [the old packaging].”

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When it arrived at and Scent Bar, co-owner Franco Wright was pleased by the look of the new packaging. “Andy updated his brand image yet managed to still embody the spirit of niche perfumery,” he said. “[The bottle] almost has an old apothecary feel to it, but above all, he’s kept…true to his roots: the art and craft of a handmade product is still alive and well.”

Orange Star, Tauer’s ninth fragrance, differs from his previous fragrances because it’s fresher and relies more on citrus, according to Tauer. The opening notes include clementine, red mandarin and lemongrass; orange blossom, violet and lily of the valley are included in the middle, and vanilla, patchouli and ambergris are among the base notes.

“People tell me it is an accessible Tauer,” said Tauer, who is working on a spicier, citrus follow-up named Eau D’épices for the fall.

Tauer Perfumes is currently available in roughly 60 stores worldwide in about 10 countries. Italy is the brand’s strongest market, and L’Air du Désert Marocain is its best-selling fragrance. Tauer said the brand’s goal as a whole is to sell 10,000 to 15,000 bottles within the next year or two.

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