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Beauty Radar Screen: November 12, 2009

Fragrance marketers are turning to jewelry and accessories in hopes consumers will wear more than one scent during the holiday season.

Fragrance marketers are turning to jewelry and accessories in hopes consumers will wear more than one scent during the holiday season.

New York-based Joya Studio, known for its line of scented organic candles carried exclusively at Barneys, will launch this month Shades of Dusk, a collection of scented accessories. The range was created in collaboration with indie retailer Vane New York City and it includes three handmade brass-plated necklaces filled with solid fragrance. Each is priced at $78 and is available at

Come December, Juliette Has a Gun will launch its newest scent, Calamity J, in what the brand calls Rechargeable Purse Bullet packaging. “The Purse Bullet allows for an innovative delivery system while not skimping on presentation,” said Miriam Haimowitz, brand manager for the company’s U.S. distributor, Europerfumes. “It is more like a fashion accessory.”

Haimowitz said the bullet-shaped packaging can be refilled with fragrance oil that comes with purchase of the scent. “The purse bullet is something the consumer can treasure,” she said.

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The Daisy Marc Jacobs Solid Perfume Pendant Necklace, $40, is a gold-and-white lacquered daisy that flips open to reveal a flower-shaped solid fragrance, and is designed to be worn on a chain or as a decorative pin. In January, the designer also will unveil a solid version of Lola Marc Jacobs in a ring. The Lola Marc Jacobs Solid Perfume Ring, bedecked in crimson, fuchsia and plum petals, contains the fruity fragrance and will retail for $42.

Estée Lauder’s limited edition 2009 Holiday Compact Collection, inspired by exotic destinations, will be rolling out to department stores this month. The compacts can be filled with solid versions of Estée Lauder scents, including White Linen, Beautiful, Pleasures and Sensuous. An item called Beautiful Year of the Tiger and the Youth-Dew Opulent Cameo — a re-creation of the brand’s first solid fragrance introduced in 1967 — are just a couple of the more than 20 new baubles available for holiday. Both retail for $89. More than 750 compacts from the brand’s past collections are catalogued and housed at Estée Lauder’s New York-based headquarters.

This month, Diptyque Paris will introduce solid versions of Philosykos and L’Ombre Dans L’Eau scents. The scented balms, $48, were designed to reflect the style of traditional perfumery and contain pure flower extract.

“Solid perfumes are truly the reinvention of tradition, and taking into account today’s travel constraints, we produced a nomadic product with an alcohol-free formula,” said Myriam Badault, director of marketing and communications, referring to the portability of the items.

Michael Kors’ Tinseltown-inspired Very Hollywood fragrance fills the inside of the Limited-Edition Very Hollywood Michael Kors Hollywood Gem Solid Perfume Ring, available through the holidays. The rose-hued cocktail ring, $40, is exclusive to Sephora.