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Beauty Radar Screen: November 19, 2009

Dr. Ronald Moy is harnessing cellular antiaging technology in a new skin care system, DNA EGF Renewal.

Cell Service

Los Angeles-based plastic surgeon Dr. Ronald Moy believes the secret to effective antiaging treatments — and even cancer prevention — is DNA repair. He is harnessing the cellular antiaging technology in a new skin care system, DNA EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) Renewal, to be introduced this month online at and at his Rodeo Drive-based practice.

The five-product kit, priced at $480, fuses DNA repair enzymes with a plant-based epidermal growth factor to restore aging cells and shield against future damage. The problem with most epidermal growth factors, said Moy, is that because EGFs are derived from bacterial sources, the biological compounds are only active for a few hours. Moy said his barley-sourced EGF was created in a greenhouse in Iceland, meaning it is stable and can survive sans refrigeration. The formula, found in the range’s Growth Factor Serum, DNA Intensive Renewal, DNA Night Renewal, DNA Eye Renewal and DNA Defense SPF 30, is designed to thicken skin and support intracellular communication and the repair of damaged strands of DNA. “As we age, less repair cells are made,” said Moy, who credits a dual liposome delivery system for the products’ abilities to get through the dermis to cells. “The products influence cells in a way that makes them behave younger. Because we’re improving cell function, there is also a decrease in skin cancer.” Moy said DNA is primarily damaged due to environmental and dietary factors as well as natural metabolic functions.

While his target consumer base is Baby Boomers, Moy said even those with younger skin need to protect themselves and prevent cellular breakdown.

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Products in the range, priced from $45 to $145, are also available for individual purchase. “The formula is gentle enough for four- and five-year-olds,” said Moy, who is studying the possibility of launching his products into retail distribution.


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The Coty Prestige division of Coty Inc. will be honored at New York’s University Club on April 27, at the Art of Packaging Award Gala, sponsored by Pratt Institute and Luxe Pack. The award for outstanding package design will be accepted by Catherine Walsh, senior vice president of Coty Prestige and the creative force behind such launches as Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, Gwen Stefani, Balenciaga and Vera Wang. Walsh will be introduced at the event by Coty’s chief executive officer, Bernd Beetz. Past recipients of the annual award dinner, which benefits the Marc Rosen Scholarship for Graduate Package Design, included Dior Beauty, Clinique, Estée Lauder and Ralph Lauren Fragrances.