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Beauty Roundup: August 1, 2012

Here are some favorites from the always productive ECRM show.

The Best Moments From ECRM       

ECRM held its skin, cosmetics and fragrance planning meeting last week in Las Vegas. It overlapped a new prestige beauty meeting ECRM is attempting to get off the ground.

Here are some favorites from the always productive show:

1.    Best manufacturer presentation: Jackie Fame, Inc.
The meeting was full of mavens who have been in the business for 30-plus years, but they couldn’t hold a candle to Zachary and Joshua Swauger, brothers who created their own online platform now expanding into a line of products for teen and tween girls (and soon, boys). Joshua’s 11; Zachary is 14.

2.    Most attractive meeting room: Crabtree & Evelyn.
The company was there for the prestige side of the show and brought lots of hoopla, with a room decorated to reflect several of its collections. A stylist created each vignette, featuring live flowers and props.

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3.    Interesting delivery systems: Mincer Pharma
Skin care products feature a dispenser that pumps the product in small doses when a user pushes down on the cover. This eliminates the mess and waste sometimes associated with skin creams.

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4.    Best use of a celebrity endorsement: Original Additions
Katy Perry is known for her outrageous looks including eyelashes. Original Additions is using Perry as the face behind its Eylure lash line.

5.    Most comfortable room: Aspire Brands Inc.
Retailers said Aspire must do something right with the ECRM powers that be. The room had a huge comfy couch and a breathtaking view of Las Vegas. Many buyers even took off their shoes in the room!

6.    Best comeback story for venerable brand: Dana Classic Fragrances
Dana has been building on its classic scents, giving them new life. Now additions leveraging the strength of the brand names are planned to roll out.

7.    Product that got people talking: Save Your Do
Bunky Mar brought her bright spirits out to launch unique accessories such as a towel that helps maintain hair styles during workouts or other activities.

8.    Most interesting retail attendee: Publishers Clearing House

The company known for making millionaires is also in the sampling business and looking for beauty items to go in sample boxes.

9.    Product people wanted samples of the most: Maccabi Art
America’s obsession with tattoos and glitter came together in the temporary tattoos featuring Swarovski crystals.

10.    Best restaurant pick: T-Bones Chophouse
Most attendees opted for a nice juicy steak on the opening night of the meeting — plenty of protein to survive the bustling three days of back-to-back 20-minute appointments.

People, Places and Things

A few words with young brothers Joshua and Zachary Swauger, founders of Jackie Fame, a new line of personal care and nail polishes.

WWD Beauty News: What made you do this at such a young age?
We weren’t allowed to have a Facebook [account], but our dad said, ‘You can create whatever you want’ — so we created an online social network.

WWD Beauty News: Why girls’ products first?
There’s a bigger market and it is more fun with all the colors, but we are starting on [products for] boys now, too.

WWD Beauty News: Describe the line.
The FameBody line is all-natural, 100-percent Australian made. The scents include berry, lime, mango, grapefruit and pear.

What’s In Store

Jordin Sparks Ambition: On the heels of the success of the debut Sparks’ scent, another is being launched this fall called Ambition.

Emmanuelle Chriqui Signs With Mineral Brand: “Entourage” actress Emmanuelle Chriqui will be the new face of Mineral Fusion Natural Brands starting this fall.