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Beauty Roundup: July 16, 2012

Just over a year since the tragic loss of ECRM founder Charles Bowlus, his vision for a new breed of trade shows continues to flourish.

ECRM Seeks to Bridge Mass and Class

Just over a year since the tragic loss of ECRM founder Charles Bowlus, his vision for a new breed of trade shows continues to flourish.

When Bowlus created ECRM in the early Nineties, he envisioned a casual, yet productive, way for buyers and sellers to gather. The result was a hotel-styled gathering where buyers were assigned to visit exhibitor rooms and engage in mandatory meetings. Retailers were offered free freight in exchange for their time.

The show is heralded as very efficient from retailers’ view since there is immediate electronic follow up from each meeting thanks to laptops retailers carry from appointment to appointment.

The show, encompassing several categories, was an immediate hit and has grown to include more than 40 categories as well as seasonal merchandising opportunities. On July 23, ECRM will host its Skin, Cosmetics and Fragrance conference in Las Vegas. Slated to exhibit are Coty, Love + Toast, Maybelline and Unilever. Retail chains include Bartell, CVS, Meijer and Ulta.

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Following that show, ECRM will host a prestige beauty conference — an extension of similar shows that have been held abroad. This is an interesting move because it helps traditional mass players get exposure to prestige or masstige brands. It also helps bring in premium retailers to the ECRM fold. BeautyBar, London Drug, SkyMall and TJX Europe are on the attendee list for retailers; Big Girl Cosmetics and Crabtree & Evelyn are on the supplier list, among others. While there are not hundreds of premium suppliers exhibiting, this is a start to opening up the door of more higher end brands being exposed to some mass or specialty retailers.

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Las Vegas in August might turn some off; retailers said the timing of the show is crucial for buying last minute holiday and gearing up full speed for 2013 and beyond. Watch for full coverage of the ECRM meeting in WWD.

People, Places and Things

A few words with Lynn Emmolo, industry icon and the person making retail happen for Sally Hershberger hair care. Emmolo honed her business acumen at several major beauty firms and is now helping Hershberger navigate the retail waters.

WWDBeauty News: What are your major edicts for making it in stylist hair care?

L.E.: You have to really believe in what you have in order to make the metrics work. Have a great idea and have resources that include human resources. Also you have to believe you are giving the customer something different.

WWDBeautyNews: What is one huge advantage you have?

L.E.: We are building the business with incremental growth and we are small enough to move quickly and can have new items within six months.

What’s In Store

StriVectin Moves: Antiaging skin care brand StriVectin announced that Melisse Shaban has been elevated to chairman. Also, JuE Wong has been appointed chief executive officer.