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Beauty Roundup: June 4, 2010

The overlooked jewel of the chain drugstore industry, the Chain Drug Marketing Association, and Halle Berry on the launch of her third fragrance, Reveal.

CDMA Offers New Training Program


An overlooked jewel of the chain drugstore industry is the Chain Drug Marketing Association. CDMA is owned by more than 125 regional drugstore chains, independent pharmacies, regional drug wholesalers and specialty distributors who serve more than 6,000 retail stores. Among the members are Fruth Drug, Kopp Drug and Drug Emporium.


CDMA delivers many services to its members via trade shows and marketing programs. The association offers centralized billing, advertising programs and a cadre of quality private labels.


The latest offer from CDMA is an opportunity for online classes. CDMA has partnered with LearnSomething Inc. to offer hundreds of online courses to meet the needs of its members.


LearnSomething focuses its techniques and technology of e-learning design and delivery specifically to the needs of the drug and health care industry. The program launches in the summer of 2010. Members will access a variety of online courses through CDMA’s website. Classes include: preventing fraud, waste and abuse, MethGuard prevention strategies for retailers, DEA Audit- What the pharmacist needs to know, HIPAA security and privacy series, pharmacy technician series, PDX –eRx system training series and leadership for managers.


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In the beauty realm, CDMA also offers front-end assistance. In addition to the trade shows, there are newsletters and merchandising tips for members. To communicate new products, there is new products flash, which details UPC codes, product information and selling points.


In this day and age of a consolidating drugstore industry, CDMA presents an opportunity to find further distribution opportunities. While everyone thinks there are only three top chains, CDMA proves there are hundreds of doors in need products.


CDMA has a special relationship with the beauty category and its retailers are ripe for expansion by cosmetics brands. The head of CDMA, Jim Devine, is a long-time chain drugstore executive having worked for several top chains and has made his love of beauty well known. When he ran his own chain in Florida, he operated well-stocked beauty departments with high levels of service.


For manufacturers looking for ways to get a track record with new items, CDMA could be a great avenue for growth.


People, Places and Things


A few words with Halle Berry on the launch of her third fragrance, Reveal. She discussed the scent with WWD’s Pete Born and Julie Naughton.


“I’m a mother now [daughter Nahla is 2], and when you become a parent, you just look at the world a little bit differently. [Motherhood] challenges me and makes me question myself and who I really am all the time. So for this [fragrance and campaign] to come along at this time in life just seemed kind of like it goes together. This is a part of expressing who I really am — for the good and the bad, it’s about being comfortable with myself as a woman, and sharing secret parts of myself.”


“Because this is the third one, I have a little bit of experience now. I had an understanding of a direction I wanted it to go. With each one, the goal is to make them different, yet the same in that it’s reflective of who I am. I wanted this one to be a little more floral, but the inspiration was still about keeping it classic and easy.”


What’s In Store


Colgate Teams With Hispanic Dental Association: Colgate has teamed with the Hispanic Dental Association to celebrate the launch of Colgate’s Oral Health Month. From now through June 30, this annual campaign will help fight the poor oral health epidemic by educating U.S. families about the importance of proper oral care. The parent of will launch in July which will feature more than 25,000 items and 900 brands across the health, beauty, personal care and household categories.