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Ath-leisure Candles, CBD Sparkling Water, Luxury Incense: Wellness for the Holiday Season

A selection of the latest products in the beauty-meets-wellness space.

The holidays have descended, along with the typical stressors of the season. This year, the lines between relaxation and retail therapy have officially blurred — there have never been more options on the market for consumers looking to chill out. Raise a glass of Champagne — er, canned sparkling CBD water — to that.

Here, a selection of the latest offerings in the wellness-meets-beauty space.

Lebon Oral Care Gift Box, $34

Fluoride may be considered one of the greatest public health achievements of the 20th century, but in the wellness community, the ingredient is persona non-grata. Millennials everywhere are chic-ifying their dental routines with fluoride-free toothpaste, and this organic French oral care line is no exception — its formulations rely on natural ingredients such as green tea, aloe and papaya extracts.

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Oribe Côte d’Azur Incense, $62 for 50 pieces

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For those intrigued by the allure of incense burning but prefer fine fragrance, Oribe has created an elevated take on the ritual. The Kao-owned hair brand, which is known for its shampoos and conditioners that retail for upward of $45, has infused its signature Cote d’Azur scent into sleek incense sticks and packaged them with a chic gold incense holder that doubles as coffee table decor.

Shiffa FaSha tool, $40

Gua Sha — the ancient practice of sculpting and contouring the face by gently scraping the skin with a flat crystal stone — was one of the year’s biggest Instagram skin-care trends. Shiffa’s FaSha tool, made of clear crystal quartz, is specially designed to aid in lymphatic drainage to give the skin a lifted and toned effect — a handy antidote to Thanksgiving dinner-induced face bloat.

Uma x Equinox Pure Recovery Wellness Candle, $68

Move over, Diptyque. Ath-leisure candles are now a thing. The ath-leisure trend has graced most areas of the beauty market — from shower-free body wipes to sweat-proof foundations. Enter the Uma x Equinox candle, a collaboration between the organic, botanical oil-based beauty brand and high-end global gym chain. The aromatherapeutic candle is meant to be used post-gym to “promote relaxation and mind-body reset,” creating “the perfect atmosphere for mindful recovery.”

WelleCo Sleep Collective, $92

Holiday travel doesn’t always equate to restful sleep, but Elle Macpherson has a solution. The supermodel-turned-wellness entrepreneur wants you to trade your Ambien in for her sleep kit — a gift set comprised of her wellness brand’s signature Calming Tea, a chamomile and lavender-infused Calming Mist (for pillow spritzing) and a silk eye mask.

True Botanicals Aromatherapy Collection, $38 each

The San Francisco-based luxury natural beauty brand has branched into aromatherapy with three essential-oil blends promising relief from stress, muscle tension and even seasonal germs. The 10-ml. roller balls include Stress Release, comprised of tarragon and frankincense; Muscle Release, made of chamomile and clary sage, and Immunse Boost, made of bay laurel and ravintsara, which has antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Recess CBD drink, $30 for a variety six-pack

Eggnog is so Gen X. There’s a new festive drink on the market, and it’s a can of sparkling water infused with CBD and adaptogens. The beverage is available in three flavors — peach ginger, pom hibiscus and blackberry chai — and is formulated to induce feelings of balance and clarity, just in time for the stressful pre-holiday season.

Body Kitchen Peptide Fortified Collagen in Uplift & Unwind, $50

2018 was a banner year for ingestible collagen — in the first half of the year, collagen supplement sales were up 39 percent, according to data from SPINS. The latest brand to launch in the space is Body Kitchen, which infuses its products with antioxidant-fueled black currant extract for extra beauty benefits. This particular formulation contains hemp and L-Theanine for a relaxing effect — perfect for inconspicuously adding a scoop to a pesky relative’s beverage.