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The Biggest Beauty Trends to Watch for 2021

Trendalytics’ predictions for the biggest trends in 2021 show a ramp-up to post-pandemic living.

While the coronavirus vaccine slowly rolls across the U.S., hopefully bringing about an end to the pandemic, data from Trendalytics shows that many of the new behaviors created during this period will endure.

“‘At-Home Derm’ is on the list, and procedures like microneedling aren’t that accessible from home. It’s amazing that people feel comfortable doing that in their houses now,” said Cece Lee, chief executive officer. In the same vein, Trendalytics predicts an uptick in acid-based products, citing increases in search volume for polyhydroxy acids, salicylic acid and mandelic acid as strong indicators.

Underlying the search around buzzy ingredients are consumers who are looking for alternate ways to achieve their beauty goals. “People are interested in different things that they don’t know about, like mushrooms,” Lee said. “The question is, ‘How can I use specialty items that will get me at an achieved goal in a natural way?’ The interest in acids is an evolution of that,” she said.

Top 10 Beauty Trends for 2021

1. Magic Mushrooms
2. Anti-Acne
3. Body Care
4. Cleancore
5. Groomen’
6. The Big Bang
7. Active Acids
8. At-Home Derm
9. Skin Shield
10. Sustainable Cycle

Source: Trendalytics, 2021.

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