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Beauty’s Favorite Business Books

Whether a tale of transformation from a respected leader or a new take on achieving strategic success, here are the business books beauty’s leaders turn to for actionable insights and inspiration.

Dorion Renaud

Founder and CEO, Buttah Skin

“Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert T. Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter

“This is the most impactful business book I’ve read. It’s a great tool to understand how to manage money and your income, and the advice in the book is written specifically for anyone to be able to digest easily.” 

Anna Teal

CEO, Aromatherapy Associates

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“Future-Engage-Deliver: The Essential Guide to Your Leadership”

“I actually find digesting business books quite tricky and have learnt more from podcasts and practical courses.  That said, “Future-Engage-Deliver” came at a pivotal point in my career. It carries a very simple but powerful leadership philosophy that has stood me well in the 15 years since I was taught it and holds as true today as it did then. Transforming culture, performance or a business isn’t possible unless you follow the fundamentals of that approach — paint a clear picture of the future, engage stakeholders on why it matters and what it will mean to them, and then outline the plan, timings and resources to deliver it.

Simple but effective!”

Amy Whang

President, Maybelline/Garnier/Essie

“The Heart of Business” by Hubert Joly with Caroline Lambert

“This is one of the most impactful books I’ve read recently. It’s built around the importance of people within organizations — supporting them in what they need most in the moment, whether it be personal or professional. Within L’Oréal, we have always led with a people-first mentality, so the book really spoke to me, further instilling the mantra that leaders who truly put people, coaching and mentoring first generate the best results.”

Lisa Sequino

CEO and cofounder, JLO Beauty + Lifestyle Companies

“Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert T. Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter

“This book emphasized the importance of financial literacy and independence during the early stages of my career, but also provided the clear thinking and prioritization needed to run an efficient and agile company that I still use today.”

Chris Salgardo

Founder, Atwater Skin

“Stress for Success” by James E. Loehr and Mark H. McCormack

“This book was significant for me when I was starting as a mid-tier executive struggling to find balance in my life. It encapsulated almost everything I was having a hard time with, and gave great strategic advice to find a healthier structured life, therefore, a much more enriching career. For me, “Stress for Success” went beyond simply sharing stories. This book was ahead of its time and is still essential now, because we always have people becoming ill from being unable to cope with what they perceive as stressful. It was exciting and informative to read, and the author gives guidelines for how to live a healthy and happy life.”

Niki Leondakis

CEO, Core Power Yoga

“Love As a Business Strategy” by Mohammad F. Anwar, Frank E. Danna and Jeffrey F. Ma

“The authors of the book are incredibly candid about their biggest business mistakes and successes, sharing relatable real-world examples. It’s an inspiring story of a company that goes from its darkest days to thriving, and provides a practical playbook and testimony for my longstanding belief that a company is nothing without its people. The book offers a compelling validation that the best approach to optimizing a business’s performance or solving problems is to listen to and love your people. Love wins!”

Andrew Stanleick

CEO, BeautyHealth

“The Heart of Business” by Hubert Joly with Caroline Lambert

“One of the most impactful and transformative business books I have ever read, this is not just another business book and worth every minute of your time. The book describes a personal journey, the transformation of Hubert Joly as a leader, and how he orchestrated the spectacular turnaround of Best Buy, a retailer many of us thought was dead prior to his taking the reins. He provides a compelling and inspiring point of view: he advocates that the way to unleash creativity, innovation and human magic to achieve extraordinary outcomes is by putting people and purpose at the heart of business. For me, it is perhaps the best combination of utterly inspiring yet deeply practical advice to help me grow a young business like BeautyHealth.”