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Benefit Launches Button to Keep Influencers Stocked on Product

Think of it as a flight attendant call button — but for brow products.

Benefit has a new model to keep product flowing to its influencer base.

The brand, known for its brow products, is launching a button to help ensure Benefit influencers stay stocked with product while simultaneously cutting down on excess packaging. The idea was inspired by influencers who communicated to Benefit that they were out of product, as well as influencers and editors who have shared their experiences with wasteful packaging from a variety of brands both on social media and through their media outlets.

“We’re seeing across the board that press and influencers are concerned about the excess packaging that comes with product sends,” said Laurin Hicks, Benefit’s digital marketing director. “As a brand, we of course want to put our products into the hands of press and influencers, but we also want to be kind and loving to our planet. This Brow Now button solved for both of those points. Influencers can restock their Benefit brow supply with the literal push of a button, and because they’re only requesting exactly what they need, when they need it, we aren’t shipping out a ton of unnecessary product in packaging.”

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Benefit Launches Button to Keep Influencers Stocked on Product
Benefit’s Brow Now button for influencers. Courtesy Image

The button, which was unveiled at Benefit’s annual influencer holiday party on Nov. 13, is an Internet of Things button that connects to the LTE network. When pushed, the button sends a text message to a Benefit team member, who is then prompted to get in touch with the influencer to find out exactly what she needs. Think of it as a flight attendant call button — but for brow products.

According to Hicks, Benefit has tripled the size of its influencer-dedicated team over the past year. The company works with “hundreds” of influencers and regularly shares influencer-generated content to its 8.5 million Instagram followers. Benefit continues to see success through these relationships, but as Hicks noted, it is also facing the challenge of standing out in an increasingly saturated space.

“We were in at the ground floor as far as influencers go,” said Hicks. “We were one of the first brands to do these types of sends and packages. So many other brands have hopped in and are doing the same thing. The influencer world has changed in the way that so many brands have seen the potential and the reward that comes from working with them. A constant struggle for us is how we can break apart.”

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