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Benefit Expands Beyond Cosmetics Collaborations With Quay

Benefit x Quay consists of three styles — plus one in the spirit of April Fools' Day.

Benefit is continuing to venture outside of color cosmetics.

The makeup brand tried its hand at interior decor in 2018 via a partnership with PBTeen. The line, said Erin Kramer, Benefit’s director of brand marketing and content, went “very well” and “was considered a great success” — so much so that both companies are reviving select favorites for a return during the holiday season. But before that collaboration makes an encore, the beauty company has a new collab to unveil: Benefit x Quay.

Benefit Expands Beyond Cosmetics Collaborations With
Benefit x Quay’s Tinted Love sunglasses. Courtesy Image

“Our brands both had crushes on each other,” Kramer said. “We both really admire each other’s approach and each other’s products. Our audiences have a lot of similarities and interests in where they’re spending their time, but we’re both reaching new audiences with this collaboration. We’re both based in [San Francisco], and not to mention, they were up for pulling a little April Fools’ joke with us.”

Benefit x Quay spans three styles — Shook, Shade Queen and Tinted Love — that come in black and pink and are priced from $55 to $60. The glasses will be sold on both Benefit and Quay’s web sites starting April 3, and will be available at a variety of retailers that carry Quay. Influencers @atleeeey and @teairawalker are the faces of the campaign.

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The April Fools’ part of the collaboration is a bonus style that will go out to influencers on April Fools’ Day. Called All Abrowed It, the sunglasses aren’t meant for sun protection — rather, they’re designed to show off one’s eyebrows.

Benefit Expands Beyond Cosmetics Collaborations With
Benefit x Quay’s “All Abrowed It” April Fools’ Day sunglasses. Courtesy Image

“Benefit’s all about laughter and fun and when you look at these styles, they were designed to have a great time in,” Kramer said. “It’s showing the personality of our brand and its DNA. Everything about this product is made to make our customers smile — whether it’s the payoff, the witty copy, the fun design on the packaging. We’re branching out in another way outside of makeup to make them smile.”

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