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From unapologetically unwearable to effortless and unadorned, spring beauty looks were a study in contrasts.


STATEMENT PIECES: Inspired by everything from outer space to insane asylums, beauty bordered on bombastic at shows that pushed the boundaries of theatrics.         

MODELS AS MUSES: In a severe departure from more dramatic inspirations, a number of lead stylists took their cue from the models themselves for seemingly effortless hair and makeup looks that celebrated the individual.


SHADOW LAND: Lead makeup artists utilized eye shadows in a spectrum of shades to create color-infused effects that ranged from diffused to daring.


BRAID BRIGADE: From neatly pinned to savage and free-flowing, braids were a go-to style for lead hairstylists looking to complement the spring collections.


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TIP TOP: Nails — which featured artful shapes, graphics, textures and shades — were a key part of beauty looks this season.


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