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Cleanliness is next to godliness, according to data from IRI. For the first half of 2020, soap made the largest leap in the mass market with a 39.1 percent growth when compared to the year average. This includes hand sanitizers seeing a 418.6 percent bump in sales, too. Other categories, such as nail products, at-home hair dye and permanent kits, corroborate the quarantine-induced DIY trend. Color cosmetics for face all saw double-digit declines, with lipstick sales taking the furthest tumble.

  1. Soap: +39.1 percent
  2. Cosmetics, Nail: +24.6 percent
  3. Hair coloring: +15.7 percent
  4. Hair conditioner: +8.5 percent
  5. Home permanent/relaxer kits: +5.8 percent
  6. Hand and body lotion: +4.5 percent
  7. Skin care: +3.9 percent
  8. Shampoo: +3.7 percent
  9. Hair accessories: +3.2 percent
  10. Deodorant: flat
  11. Hair-growth products: -3.6 percent
  12. Fragrance, Women’s: -4.2 percent
  13. Hairstyling gel/mousse: -7.1 percent
  14. Cosmetics, Accessories: -8.1 percent
  15. Shaving lotion/men’s fragrance: -10.8 percent
  16. Cosmetics, Eye: -14.1 percent
  17. Hair spray/spritz: -17.9 percent
  18. Cosmetics, Facial: -19.6 percent
  19. Cosmetic storage: -22.2 percent
  20. Cosmetics, Lip: -24.3 percent

Source: Market Advantage TSV; IRI Liquid Data. Data for the 12 months ending June 14, 2020.

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