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5 Products For Millennial Moms

Launches geared toward expectant and recent mothers come just in time for Mother’s Day, across beauty and CPG categories.

Millennial moms are searching for new, clean beauty products to use during and after pregnancy. Here are five beauty products made specifically with Millennial moms in mind.


Mutha Face Oil

Available on in June for $110.

Entrepreneur Hope Smith launched Mutha late last year with a natural, pregnancy-safe body oil and body butter that arose out of personal need. With her next launch, however, she wanted to return to her roots by expanding into skin care. “I’m an aesthetician, so I’ve always had a love for skin care,” Smith said. Her philosophy is rooted in treating the face and body as one; to that end, her new face care includes a slew of nutrient-dense ingredients. Rosehip and sea buckthorn oils act as brightening agents, while camellia seed and pomegranate seed oils offer antioxidant protection; kalahari seed oil and squalene oil moisturize as evening primrose oil calms. The formula took some time to tweak, but according to Smith, its high active ingredient count doesn’t make it less safe for pregnancy (although she advises consulting a doctor first). “Our customer is ready to go natural, but they want it to be as powerful as nature can be. Nature is the most powerful thing on earth; why wouldn’t I source my ingredients from it?” she said.

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Esker pregnancy duo body oil shannon davenport
Esker is launched belly oils to accompany their preexisting dry body oils. Photo courtesy of Esker

Esker Uplifting and Soothing Belly Oils

Available on Prices range from $40 to $75.

Esker Beauty founder Shannon Davenport knows a thing or two about pregnant women’s needs. Davenport formulated the duo of belly oils for pregnant women to complement her existing line of dry body oils during her own pregnancy. Available in either Uplifting or Soothing, the oils have a different texture and scent from the originals, and are also made from certified organic ingredients. “Pregnant moms should know it’s organic, they should know these products are safe for pregnancy, and that there’s a specific reason why we use the oils that we use,” Davenport said. For example, squalane oil is replaced by the more emollient grape-seed oil to address stretch marks. The scents are milder, too, to accommodate the changing palates of pregnant women. Soothing has a lavender scent, while uplifting features lemongrass, ginger and ylang-ylang; they are sold separately or together, and are expected to reach over $200,000 in first-year retail sales, per industry sources.

dr janine mahon libido vita breast oil
Dr. Janine Mahon’s Libido Vita is a topical formula for application on the neck. Photo courtesy of Dr. Janine Mahon

Dr. Janine Mahon Libido Vita and Stress Relief

Available on for $42 and $32.

When doctor of Chinese medicine Janine Mahon sought to expand her herbal formulas, which range from a breast oil to a skin glow tincture, she knew she had to act fast for what she had in mind. For her latest launches, Libido Vita, an external oil to be applied to the neck, and Stress Release, a tincture, supply chain issues posed a unique set of issues as a direct result of the coronavirus. “I had to wait for six weeks for an order of premium herbs that would normally take five days,” she said. The wait was  worth it: the pregnancy-safe libido booster and equally safe stress reliever work well together from a Chinese medicinal standpoint, according to Dr. Mahon. “When you’re stressed, you create stagnation, which then creates fire,” she said. “You’re not feeling pleasure and your perspective is clouded. Right now, because we’re so stressed out in our heads, you put [Libido Vita] down your neck. Libido is really pleasure, it’s feeling good, it’s being supported in a way you can engage with.” Mahon’s self-funded line, which she developed for use in her New Mexico practice, is available on her web site and on Violet Grey.

hatch collection tenoverten nail polish nontoxic vegan
Hatch x Tenoverten’s nail sets offer sheer color while being safe enough for pregnancy. Photo courtesy of Hatch Collection

Hatch x Tenoverten Nail Polish Set

Available on and for $36.

Founder of clothing line Hatch Collection Ariane Goldman is a longtime friend of Nadine Abramcyk, cofounder of clean nail salon Tenoverten. When Goldman sought to collaborate on a nontoxic line of nail care for expectant mothers (the target audience of Hatch Mama Beauty), the choice was clear on who she should work with. “Beauty has been one of our fastest-growing categories,” she said. “Pregnant women are really going into clean beauty.” Launched on May 1 in time for Mother’s Day, free of eight unsafe synthetics, cruelty-free, vegan nail polish kits are also sheer for at-home manicures and pedicures. “Right now, we are confused, it’s an unknown time, we are multitasking, we are taking care of our kids and there’s not much socializing,” Goldman said. “Self-care is on the rise, and beauty brands are doing well because women are investing in themselves. The trio is really designed to let you feel better and smile at something calming and beautiful.”

Rael period care incontinence pads
Rael is expanding product offerings while catering to women at various points in their lives. Photo courtesy of Rael

Rael Organic Cotton Reusable Incontinence Pads

Available on, and Target. Prices range from $30 to $40.

Natural (and often organic) personal care for women can be difficult to come across, especially in mass channels such as Amazon Inc. and Target Corp. Rael, however, is expanding its personal hygiene options to include reusable incontinence pads made from organic cotton. “There aren’t a lot of options in the organic space, and many women are embarrassed to talk about it,” said Yanghee Paik, cofounder of Rael. “There’s not much information on what women go through in life-changing moments, so we want to open up a conversation. We wanted to address it in an elegant way.” Rael expects the launch to ring up $5 million in first-year revenues. Rael, which began as a personal hygiene line and quickly expanded into skin care, aims to cater to women at every life stage. “We’d like to take care of them throughout the month and throughout their life,” she said.

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