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Bioré Unveils Mental Health Initiative

Bioré is the latest beauty brand to take on mental health.

Bioré is the latest beauty brand to take on mental health.

The Kao-owned skin care brand has unveiled a mental health initiative, dubbed the “Get That S–t Out” campaign. The campaign includes a partnership with Mental Health First Aid, a program run by the National Council for Behavioral Health, and aims to educate students of at least 100 colleges on mental health first aid practices.

“We found that we wanted to focus on reducing the stigma that’s associated with mental health challenges, because that can be a huge barrier as to why people don’t seek treatment,” said Leah Stone, associate director, face care at Bioré. “That stigma is something that can really influence the way that people think about mental health and the way that it shows up in everyday life.”

“We are honored to work with Bioré Skincare to raise awareness about the struggles young people face and strategies to help them,” said Chuck Ingoglia, National Council president and chief executive officer. “The pandemic has had a harmful effect on the mental wellbeing of so many people, but young people are uniquely vulnerable. If we can provide them with the skills to help those experiencing a mental health or substance use crisis, we can begin to build resilience and provide young people with the help they need now.”

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The campaign’s name, Stone said, stemmed from its hero pore strips. “If you think about pore strips, and some of the things that we’ve done before, it’s all about that in-your-face approach,” she said. “We talk about getting s–t out, since everything is about getting the s–t out of your pores. We wanted to take that thinking to mental health.”

The initiative has several prongs, but at its heart, it’s about reaching out to Bioré’s core consumer, Stone said. “Our consumer is that Gen Z consumer, and we know this consumer is more stressed out than any other consumer, and are more willing to talk about their mental health challenges, and at a faster rate than previous generations. Mental health and beauty are connected, and the challenges you’re experiencing outwardly can affect your mental health, too.”

The multitiered program has several phases. In March, Bioré will unveil the campaign across social channels and include its team members’ own paths with mental health. In the spring, college students will be able to register for mental health first aid training, which will happen in the campaign’s third phase in the fall. Training will be held virtually, as college campus openings will be in flux. Bioré will also provide its own team with mental health first aid training.

The training teaches students how to identify signs of mental health and substance abuse issues. “It gives those students the training that they need to reach out to provide initial support to someone who might be having mental health challenges,” Stone said. “It also helps to connect them to the appropriate care. You’re not someone offering a clinical diagnosis, but you’re able to identify and then refer people,” she added.

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