NEW YORK — Call it the power of water.

Biotherm’s new Source Therapie gel, with spa water as a key ingredient, is designed to hydrate and balance the skin. While it is not a moisturizer, the ingredients in the product are designed to work in tandem with other skin care products to promote skin health. Caroline Flandrin, vice president of marketing for Biotherm, likens the product to vitamins. “You don’t replace food with supplements; they are designed to enhance your nutrition,” she said. “Source Therapie insures that your skin gets all of the vitamins and minerals it needs, which in turn makes anything else you use — including moisturizers — more effective. Not only that, it delivers it in one drop.”

“Source Therapie combines seven essential trace minerals, along with bicarbonate ions, which hydrates and nurtures the skin,” said Maria Ulrich, assistant vice president of research and development for Biotherm. It also includes thermal plankton, Biotherm’s signature ingredient, albeit in a greater concentration than in most Biotherm products. “Thermal plankton acts as an anti-inflammatory, and helps deliver vitamins and minerals,” said Ulrich. “It’s been so effective in our other products that we upped the concentration by 20 percent in this product. And according to our studies, the negatively charged bicarbonate ions actually boost the mineral activity by 259 percent.”

“Our ambition is to make Source Therapie our number one product,” said Chris Harrison, senior vice president and general manager of Biotherm and Shu Uemura. “Unlike many skin care products, it’s not targeting a problem. It’s promoting one of the skin’s basic needs — hydration.” As such, Harrison expects the age range of consumers to be quite broad — “if you’re over 18, you need it,” she said.

The gel, which will launch in March, will retail for $35 for a 1-oz. jar. It will be available in Biotherm’s 140 domestic doors, which include Macy’s West, Nordstrom, Foley’s and Burdine’s. It is packaged in a blue jar designed to resemble a giant drop of water.

The launch will be supported with a sampling campaign that is designed to get 240,000 deluxe miniature samples into the hands of consumers. As well, Biotherm is planning to work with its retailers to do retailer outposts for the brand in shopping malls.

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While none of the executives would comment on projected first-year sales or advertising spending, industry sources estimated that Source Therapie would do upward of $2 million at retail in its first year and that about $800,000 would be spent on advertising and promotion.