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Birchbox Has Been Acquired by a Health Care Company

Beauty's original subscription box, Birchbox, as well as AI tool Mira, have been acquired by FemTec Health.

Beauty’s original subscription box, Birchbox, has a new owner.

The company has been acquired by FemTec Health, the wellness business founded by Dr. Kimon Angelides. The company has also acquired Mira Beauty, a digital beauty shopping tool and search engine, and Liquid Grids, a social marketing company focused on the health care sector.

The vision is to create a “health and beauty sciences company,” said chief scientific officer Kimberley Capone, who was formerly with Johnson & Johnson. “What we’re doing is bringing the science into beauty and wellness.

“Women’s health care, in particular, is quite fragmented,” Capone said, noting that there are companies that focus on menopause or sexual wellness, but that they don’t often come together in a comprehensive, easy-to-navigate system.

Capone said the company bought Birchbox because of its “robust community.”

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“Starting with beauty and bringing wellness into that space and starting to educate women was just an obvious fit for us,” she continued.

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Birchbox founder and chief executive officer Katia Beauchamp said Birchbox had already been thinking about branching into wellness before she met Angelides.

“About a year before we met the FemTec team, we had a brainstorm about what we wanted to do over the next 24 months to really continue to question what does it mean to really deliver on customer value today. How do we do that with what the world has given us today? Birchbox created something 11 years ago, it was 10 years ago when we were talking about this, that was a real innovation, and now the innovations of that are done. And what is the next wave of innovation for the beauty industry?” Beauchamp said.

“It almost felt like to us it was more confusing than ever to actually understand, really understand, how to take care of yourself,” Beauchamp said. “We wanted to actually teach customers how they could take care of the health of their skin and hair, and the skin on their body — much less about the appearance of it,” she continued.

More wellness-oriented products are expected to start rolling for Birchbox subscribers soon, Beauchamp said. As part of the deal, she is leaving her post and becoming a strategic adviser to the company.

FemTec’s goal is to create a more comprehensive health and beauty offering for its members, Capone said. FemTec is building out a platform called BiomeAI that is meant to connect consumers to a range of health care offerings, including prevention, reproductive care, sexual wellness, mental health and chronic care.

The company plans to use that platform to personalize skin and health care offerings through Birchbox, it said in a statement.

Terms of the acquisitions were not disclosed, but FemTec has raised $38 million from investors, which include Longmont Capital, Hellas Med, Walgreens, Trinity and Unilever.

“The starting point is holistic data to really understand a woman’s health care needs and then smart technology like AI and predictive analytics to translate the data into actionable outcomes,” Angelides said in a statement.

The business is also building out its own direct-to-consumer brand called Awesome Woman, which will sell supplements, and is considering more acquisitions, Capone said.


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