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Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Adds Web-Based Try-on Technology

Luxury brands are seeing sales conversion rates rise from product page augmented reality.

The quality of augmented reality technology continues to improve at warp speed. Bobbi Brown Cosmetics is the latest to adapt the feature on the brand’s web and mobile commerce product pages.

Bobbi Brown teamed with ModiFace, and its latest edition of its try-on technology.

“ModiFace augmented reality allows us to seamlessly bring the in-store experience of trying on a lipstick to our consumers — whether they’re shopping from their living rooms or on-the-go,” stated Laurie Rifkin, executive director of e-commerce at Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. She added it is an effortless way to make decisions with confidence.

According to Parham Aarabi, founder and chief executive officer of ModiFace, there have been several improvements in the web technology capabilities.

“Augmented reality for trying on beauty products has evolved from a nice utility to a transformative technology that defines the brand-consumer relationship, and becomes a significant driver of sales and engagement,” Aarabi said.

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“We have seen a direct impact on sales especially when AR is placed in the product pages of brand sites and apps,” Aarabi explained. “Averaged across different brands and implementations, we have seen the product page AR increase conversions by 84 percent. This number is higher for luxury brands since their customers are more careful about what product they purchase [since it is a higher cost commitment].”

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Among the enhancements is the light field rendering feature that accounts for the level of light, texture and shine in a photo or video and adjust the makeup shades dynamically. It is also faster, he said. “We have narrowed down the time to analyze a face, track the facial features and simulate makeup to under 0.03 seconds which gives the smoothest video performance,” he said. New intelligent lighting adaptation adjusts the white balance and exposure of the video, resulting in well-lit videos and images in each frame.

The Bobbi Brown e-commerce AR integration enables shoppers to preview some of the brand’s most popular beauty products directly on the product pages where customers make purchasing decisions. It is expected that this integration will have a direct impact on e-commerce sales on the brand’s web and mobile web sites. Bobbi Brown is among the growing list of luxury logos joining the AR trend, following on success of early adapting mass brands.

Moreover, Aarabi said there is evidence that taking a virtual test drive of  products with AR online does not detract from physical store sales — but rather increases recognition and engagement with a particular product.