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Bobbi Brown to Launch Blog

The blog/online magazine, Everything Bobbi, is scheduled to go live on Sept. 7.

Bobbi Brown is adding to her social media holdings with Everything Bobbi, a blog/online magazine scheduled to go live on Sept.7.

The blog will feature all things Brown says she loves — videos, events, product inspiration stories, recipes, Q&As with people she admires — and will be updated three times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

“It’s always been my fantasy to be an editor at a magazine, to be able to tell the story my way,” Brown admitted. “This lets me do it. It isn’t about e-commerce — we direct back to our Web site for that — but more about how you can achieve realistic beauty, what inspires me, and things like that.”

“The Bobbi Brown brand is built on Bobbi’s philosophy,” said Maureen Case, president of Specialty Brands for the Estée Lauder Cos. Inc., of the now-20-year-old brand. “This is a lifestyle brand — which can be hard to see in a bricks-and-mortar setting, but easy to show with a blog. The comments also allow us to hear what consumers like and don’t like.” Case noted that the blog would also allow the brand to intimately speak to fans globally. “For instance, 63 percent of people in China get their information about cosmetics brands online and not in store. The U.S. numbers are similar. These are savvy consumers and it’s important that brands engage them. This blog allows us to dimensionalize the brand. We haven’t done a lot of advertising, and this allows us to communicate in a very cost-effective way.” The blog is expected to reach at least 56 countries in which the brand is active.

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Engagement is more than just putting up a static site, noted Donald Robertson, senior vice president, creative development, for Bobbi Brown and the architect behind the blog. “It’s not good enough to put your face online — you have to be human online,” said Not only that, he said, to reach younger users, it’s essential to utilize social media, with Tumblr gaining ground with many. “Teenagers don’t buy Seventeen magazine anymore — they make their own magazine on Tumblr,” said Robertson, citing his 15-year-old daughter as an example. “And there’s no excuse to go slow. Content, above all, is the most important asset.”

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The brand also did a lot of “social listening” — monitoring Brown’s Twitter and Facebook feeds to hear what fans most wanted to hear from Brown. And not all requests are purely for information: Brown is formulating what she calls a Facebook palette, comprised of discontinued colors most requested on her Facebook page.

Robertson noted that embedded tracking software will allow Brown and the team to see where users are spending the most time on the blog — and in turn, shape content decisions. “It’s a living, breathing thing that will morph and change,” he said.

In addition to the blog launch, the company has changed its main twitter handle from @AskBobbiBrown to @BobbiBrown, where the brand will feature more brand news, makeup tips, behind the scenes tweets and tweets from Bobbi. @AskBobbiBrown will remain active for customer service questions only. A third Twitter handle, @BobbiBrownPR, is exclusively for the media.