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Breast Pump Brand Willow Innovations Launches Skin Care Line for New Mothers

The brand is expanding into skin care with two products designed to target the postpartum and breastfeeding needs of new mothers.

Willow Innovations is entering the skin care game. 

The brand, which launched in 2014 and is known for its in-bra wearable breast pumps, has launched its Mama Care skin care line, consisting of a Nipple Balm, which retails for $19.99, and a Breast and Belly Oil, which costs $29.99. 

“Willow is laser-focused on new motherhood,” said chief commercial officer Sarah O’Leary. “We see ourselves as a company that can build an ecosystem around moms’ breastfeeding and overall needs in that postpartum stage.”

Both the Nipple Balm and the Breast and Belly Oil are formulated with Willow’s proprietary Comfort Complex, which includes murumuru seed butter, cocoa bean extract and ceramide NP meant to provide relief for dry and tender postpartum skin.

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“New moms have all kinds of challenges with cracked nipples, and pumping can be uncomfortable without lubrication,” said O’Leary, noting that both products are cruelty-free, don’t have fragrance or preservatives and have gone through rounds of clinical testing to ensure safety for both new mothers and babies. 

“We are a medical device company at our core, and so we approach product quality from a very regulated perspective,” she said. 

Earlier this year, the brand debuted its Willow Go breast pump, which, like other generations of the Willow, is cord-free and thus allows for increased mobility, yet sits at a lower price point, costing roughly $150 with most insurance plans. 

“There are terrible social pressures that women at these stages of life are going through, and it’s our mission to think about how we can meaningfully solve those problems, and at the same time, honor the full person that a woman is — she’s not just a mom just because she just had a baby,” O’Leary said. 

The unveiling of Mama Care comes fresh off the heels of the brand’s September accessories expansion, which included a case and a bag for women to conveniently store their pumping tools while on the go. While O’Leary did not comment on the brand’s performance, industry sources estimate Willow is on track to do $10 million in accessories sales in 2022.

In the coming months, the brand plans to dive deeper into skin care with innovations that address the needs of new mothers and seek to challenge limiting identity standards placed upon them by others. 

“We still have a long way to go, but I hope that our products will allow mom to feel pampered and honored with the body that has changed on her as she’s gone through the postpartum experience, so that she can feel that sense of pride in her body,” O’Leary said.